Friday, December 6, 2013

All About Sloane | 13 Months

Sloane Elisabeth...

...has the sweetest smile (and smiles often).  However, she rarely laughs and when she does it sounds more like a cackle. an excellent walker and now runs when she gets really excited.  If you ask her for a hug, she will run toward you with open arms and a huge grin on her face.

...loves the new crocodile rocker Uncle B and Aunt Chelle got the twins for Christmas.  She climbs onto the middle and rocks back and forth and then faces the opposite direction and does it all over again.

...adores cell phones and the computer mouse and will steal them anytime she gets a chance.

...has recently become a mama's girl and wants me to hold her often.  I may sigh and roll my eyes but I secretly love it.

...will walk right up to us (when we are sitting on the floor), turn around, and shimmy her way onto our laps.  It is so cute.

...wears a size 3 diaper, 12-18 month clothes, and size 4.5 shoe (they are quite large on her). She has eight teeth. a meticulous eater and can't stand having a messy tray.  Once she is done she throws all remaining food onto the floor. crazy about Jude.  If she sees he is playing with a toy, she will bring him another and sit beside him.

...loves to climb--give her a pouf, a box, or a basket and she will be on top of it in no time.

...runs straight for the gate at the top of the stairs if you ask, "Are you ready to eat?" very sensitive.  If you take her toy or pacifier, she whimpers until you pick her up or distract her.

...does not like wearing socks or shoes and will take them off as soon as you put them on her. The same is true for headbands. charismatic.  My mom used this word to describe Sloane and I think it suits her quite well.


Susie said...

Such a beautiful little girl!

Leslie said...

Can hardly wait to see her soon!!!

Amber Massey said...

I LOVE this post! So sweet;) So is growing so big and fast!

Aubrey said...

Such a sweetie! I think these photos showcase her natural charisma. :)


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