Sunday, July 16, 2017

Holland | Three Months

Can I blame this post's tardiness on not wanting to accept the fact that Holland is already three month's old?  It has nothing to do with me being too tired.  Nothing.  Ok, everything. Moving on...

Holland is three months!  I feel like we've reached the place where time starts flying.  Everyone always says time flies in the beginning but when you're getting up several times a night and multiple parts of your body hurt like crazy, it's hard to feel like time is going very fast at all.  We're settling into somewhat of a routine and I'm forcing myself to be ok with words like "somewhat" and "occasionally" and phrases like "still sleeping in our room" and "she'll stop crying when the light turns green."  Let's get to it!

Not a lot has changed in this department.  When she's hungry she's an excellent eater and can take a bottle down so quickly I'm already worried about college.  However, she has major FOMO so if there is something/someone else in the room she has a tendency to focus on it and not the task at hand.  The on and off dance is still happening, much to her mother's chagrin.  Regardless, she continues to fill out nicely and is quite the chunk.  We didn't have a three-month check-up but my guess is she's between 14 and 15 lbs.  

I'm trying to pump a few times a week due to a few trips we have planned in the future - I want to make sure she will take a bottle.  She does pretty well with it for the most part but definitely prefers nursing.  

She eats every three hours or so.  Usually there is a 4-hr stretch and a shorter 2-hr stretch but it all rounds out for the most part.  Unfortunately, after sleeping through the night for two weeks she started waking up again in the middle of the night for a snack.  Typically it's around 4a so she's still getting an 8-hour stretch but I sure would love to get back to the 6:30 wake-up I'd grown to love.  

Lots of growth this month!  She's awake a lot more during the day so she spends quite a bit of time on her playmat.  She celebrated her three month birthday by rolling from front to back for the first time!  I was taking her pictures in her nursery and after she did it I burst into mom cheers.  She gave me such a judgy look (see pic below) - it was hilarious!

She really enjoys her swing because it gives her a great view of the room and her siblings.  She could end up surprising us all but at the moment I think she's going to be our most outgoing child (pray for us).  She's the happiest with company, especially her brother and sister.  And oh how she talks.  And talks.  And talks.  We'll turn the lights out at night and she's still chatting away in the dark.  Cracks me up.

She's incredibly strong and reminds me so much of Jude at this age.  If we stand her up, her legs/feet can fully support her weight.  She's also kicked my stomach a few times while nursing and it's taken my breath away.   

She found her hands this month and also started laughing.  It's more of a happy shriek and I think it always surprises her because as soon as she does it her eyes get wide and she looks around as if she's trying to find out where that piercing noise came from. 

Sleep has been ok this month.  Her naps during the day range from 10 minutes to two hours.  She's been forced to be the laidback child with all of Jude & Sloane's activities and playdates.  She's great at sleeping in the car but when she's awake, she hates it. Red lights and stop signs are the worst.

As I said above, she's no longer sleeping through the night (boooooo) and is still sleeping between us (quite possibly why she is still waking up).  The Dockatot is her main sleeping place, though she'll grab a nap in the rock 'n play occasionally.  She's gotten big enough that sleeping on me is rare. :(

We don't swaddle her much anymore because it's 1,000 degrees here and she always wakes up hot.  We now use the swaddle more as a sleep sack so her arms have free rein.  Right now she prefers to have her left arm up by her face.  A pacifier will help her go to sleep quickly but then she drops it and is done with it for the rest of the night.

Dear Holland,
You are three whole months!  This has been a big month for you and we absolutely love watching your little personality emerge.  I think you're fantastic but your daddy is completely smitten.  As soon as he comes home from work he scoops you up and you two exchange the biggest, brightest smiles.  Speaking of smiles, yours is award-winning.  Your eyes disappear (just like your dad) and you still give a little shake with your whole body.  It's the cutest.

Your hair is slowly, slowly falling out and what's left has pretty blonde roots.  I thought you'd be our brunette baby but now I'm thinking your hair may be as blonde as Jude's!  We'll have to wait and see.  Your blue eyes are getting lighter but are still the darkest in the family.  

You're wearing size 3-6 mo clothing and size 2 diapers.  I love having a summer baby because I get to see your chubby arms and legs and I squeeze them often.  You don't seem to mind.  In fact, you are truly a hot and cold baby - when you're happy, you're SO happy.  When you're upset, watch out! I'm guessing I will be reading all the spirited child books fairly soon.  You love to be held by everyone and have yet to meet a stranger.

Friends say you look a little like your dad and Jude but everyone agrees you are definitely your own unique person.  Every night when we put you to bed we tell each other how cute you are and how lucky we are.  We've yet to miss a day.

Big things are on the horizon, little miss.  You'll have your first plane ride in a few weeks and get to put your little toes in the Sanibel sand.  We hope you love it as much as the rest of us do!

I'm continually amazed at how easy this transition has been.  Adding you to our family has been the greatest gift and we're all equally excited to have you here.  Holland Claire, you are so loved!

Love - Mom

(The look she gave me after she rolled over and I cheered!) 


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