Wednesday, May 30, 2012

16 Weeks

I'd like to apologize for the bombardment of baby posts over the last few weeks.  I can't promise it'll change, but I do realize the blog has been centrally focused on one (well two) things. 

Had our 16-week appointment today and the babies look great!!  One of the cool things about twins is we get an ultrasound (sonogram?) at every appointment since the Doppler thingy can't distinguish separate heartbeats.  No complaints here!

Heart rates are great (161 and 146) and the babies are (literally) so close.  One is right under my belly button and head up and the other is on my right side and head down.  Apparently they have issues with the left side.

I'm going to pretend that has nothing to do with politics.  :)

What else?  Oh that's right...


We weren't sure if she'd be able to tell with such a quick scan but the kiddos have zero prudish tendencies.  Unfortunately, my parents don't arrive in Dallas until Friday evening so we're keeping it a secret for (at least) another 52 hours.  It is highly likely I lock myself in our closet with no internet/phone connection so I don't ruin the surprise.

Any guesses as to what we're having? :)

We have another ultrasound on Friday--this one is very detailed and will allow the doctor to take a good look at the hearts, spines, etc.  My doctor recommends this ultrasound for anyone who is having multiples and though it makes me very nervous, I'm excited to get a closer look at our babies.  While the sonographer said she'd be "shocked" if the gender outcome is different, it'll also be nice to get double confirmation on what we're having.  With the above in mind, we ask for your prayers for two healthy babies.

As far as the pregnancy is going, I'm feeling fantastic.  Best I've felt in months.  My appetite is still alive and my stomach leaves no doubt that I am, in fact, pregnant.  Haven't felt any kicks yet but I know it's still pretty early.  The most disappointing piece of news is my belly button is disappearing at a very fast rate. My guess is it will be gone by week 20.  RIP innie.

Here is a terrible picture of yours truly.  I accidentally cut off my face (truth: I was wearing zero makeup and hadn't washed my hair in three days).  Please disregard the lack of bedding.  We'll take a family picture on Friday and I will try to wear more appropriate attire and use an actual camera.

16 weeks (Go Rangers)

Until then...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Highlights from the twins first trimester:

-First flight:  We flew to Chicago in early April to celebrate Braden's first birthday and Easter.
-First concert:  Saw Death Cab for Cutie (along with Magik Magik Orchestra) in Dallas.  Lucky babies--we'll be attending our next concert (Snow Patrol) tomorrow!
-First announcement:  After much trepidation, we made the "big announcement" on Facebook and the blog and were absolutely overwhelmed from all the love and support we received from friends and family.
-First maternity shopping spree:  Hello elastic waistband!
-First time with dad away:  Michael flew to Eagan, Minnesota to attend training for his new job.  The kiddos were nice enough to keep me company.
-First Wedding Shower:  We had a large group over to our house to celebrate Wes and Nathalia's upcoming nuptials!
-First meeting of potential new friends: baby Luca, baby Dalton, and baby Logan
-First self-administered shots:  That's right, this mama has been giving herself Lovenox injections (blood thinners) for several months now!  What used to be a huge fear is now no big deal.
 -First wedding and road trip:  We drove to Tulsa this past weekend to celebrate the marriage of two TU friends.  This also led to first wedding cake and first dance-off ("Lovely Lady Lumps" with my best friends pointing to my stomach was a true highlight)

These don't really qualify as "firsts" but are still noteworthy Tri-1 happenings:
-Michael started a new job and is really enjoying it!
-I turned 30!

Kreston & Kerri's Wedding (and my 30th birthday) in Tulsa
Few days shy of 14 weeks

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catching Up On The Last Few Months

Thank you.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your kind words.  I'll be honest--Michael and I figured we'd receive a polite response on Facebook and the blog but the comments went so far beyond a simple "Congratulations" and made us feel so loved.  People say they're praying for you and I've taken it for granted so many times as I just assumed it was a polite way to end a conversation.  Never again.  From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful for you, for your prayers, for your well wishes, and for your love.

8:30 on a Saturday morning and I've already started crying.  Par for the course.

On that note, let's catch up on the last few months.   I apologize now for the absurd amount of words that follow.

The pregnancy:  So far, it's been pretty awesome.  Sure I go to bed by 9 pm every night, but I've had it pretty easy.  Very limited nausea, zero throwing up, and no food aversions.  Actually, the only problem I've had with food is I can't stop eating it.  The few times I've felt "eh" were due to not eating something in the last hour.  I now feel like one of those celebrities who talk about their "5 small meals a day."  Except change "5" to "7" and "small" to "regular-sized" and we're there.

Let's see, what else?  One of my first symptoms was in the boobal region.  PAINFUL.  I've also experienced heartburn for the first time.  My only cravings have been lemonade and pancakes.  The pancakes have subsided a bit, the lemonade has not (I would be drinking some right now if I hadn't just brushed my teeth).  I get up at least twice every night to go to the bathroom and if it's between the hours of 2:30 and 4:00 then I'm up for at least an hour thinking about absolutely preposterous things that no one should ever think about.  Insomnia is not fun. 

I wore my first pair of maternity pants during week 10 or 11.  I was still able to fasten my regular pants but it was uncomfortable and looked even worse.  I am now all-maternity (pants) all the time and love it.

I cry.  A lot.  Sometimes it's three or four tears running down my face and I can usually hide them from Michael.  Other times it is the full-blown SOBBING that makes me question my intelligence.  Show me any sad/sweet commercial or youtube video and I'm done.  Play a song that is either reminiscent, talks about love, or just sounds pretty and I'm done.  I will share two embarrassing moments and then we'll move on.  1.  Michael's former co-workers gave him a very sweet card signed with well wishes.  Normally that would make me smile and give him a hug.  Oh no.  I was curled up in the fetal position BAWLING my eyes out for words borderline strangers said to my husband.  Michael's face was priceless.  2.  I was watching Glee last week and they're all getting close to graduating.  I was doing good, doing good, and then NOT GOOD.  I don't even like that show anymore and I was ugly crying.  Michael asked if I was sad for the characters and between hiccups I told him I missed high school.  Let's be honest, high school was awesome but hell no I don't miss it.  Give me a break.  The good news is I cry for happy things now, which is something I've never done before (see first few paragraphs).  I'm an equal opportunity crier.

The Babies:  The babies are doing great.  They are both BIG, which is fantastic.  At the last appointment one was a full week ahead of its due date and the other was 4 days ahead.  While that thought terrifies me once I hit the third trimester, I know it's a good thing.  We've also learned that they already have completely different personalities.   One was dancing and head-banging (literally) and the other was completely chill with its tiny little hands behind its head.  Just like their parents.  :)

Their heartbeats are both strong and typically in the 170s.  I got to hear them a few weeks ago and it just blew me away.  My next appointment is in 2.5 weeks and I'm so anxious to see them again.

I wish I could talk more about these two but as many of you know there isn't a whole lot to share/see in the first trimester.  They're almost the size of "medium shrimp," which is about the worst description one could ever give. 

Michael:  Oh, Michael.  He has been absolutely amazing throughout this entire experience (I'm not just talking about the last two months) and to see the joy on his face is a breath of fresh air.  For those of you who know Michael, he tends to be a somewhat quiet guy who would rather listen to what you have to say than garner all of the attention.  Not anymore.  He has shared our news with complete strangers.  After a recent ultrasound he took the pictures to work and showed any person who would look at a (let's be honest) white blob on a black background.   When we first saw the little arms and legs he squeezed my hand and I found myself watching him instead of the babies.   He is the main reason we shared our news this soon and after we decided to post at 5p, he sent an email at 3:30 and asked if we could go ahead and do it.  For me, I can't imagine anything (or anyone) better.  And on top of his excitement, he has completely taken over all chores, groceries, and errands while I remain a blob on the bed.

He will be an excellent father and I CAN'T WAIT to see him holding our babies.

Fear:  This has not been an easy few months.  While the pregnancy could not be more textbook perfect, my fear has kept right up with it.  Every time I go to the bathroom I panic.  Every tiny growing pain in my stomach I confuse for a cramp.  If my boobs don't hurt one day I know it's all over.  I wish, so badly, that I could say this fear has subsided but it hasn't.  Miscarriages are psychologically damaging and the memory holds so tightly to me that sometimes I'm unable to breathe.  I've memorized verses about fear and meditate on them when I'm up at night.  I've recited the 23rd Psalm hundreds of times.  I remember telling Michael I would feel better at 12 weeks and he held me and said "You won't feel better until you have those babies in your arms."  And he's right.  It breaks my heart that I cannot simply enjoy every single second of this pregnancy.   With that being said, I DON'T CARE.  I don't care that I'm filled with fear at least once a day. I don't care that I still have a long road ahead of me.  All I have to do is think about these two precious souls inside of me and I am filled to the brim with gratitude.

Thank you, Jesus, for these two miracles.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Room Reveal!

Thank you so much for your comments on our living room! It was fun to put together and always makes me smile when I walk upstairs.

You’d think the living room would sustain me for a while but (of course) it did not so I have another room reveal to share! It’s quite small--comfortably fits two--but has taken months of planning and is still a work in progress. Strangely enough, for such a small room I can’t stop thinking about it.

I present to you....

The Babies' Room
(12.5 weeks)

The Haynes twins are set to arrive 10.30.12! We are absolutely thrilled and thank God every day for such an incredible blessing.

(This “room” may be quite small compared to the others, but it is by far my favorite...)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Living Room Reveal!

About time, right?  This room has been a work in progress for a very long time.  We had a wedding shower at our home this past weekend (more on that later!) so I figured I'd take some pictures while our house is clean! :) 

We wanted the living room to be fun and laidback.  I loved the idea of navy, chartreuse, and orange, but it's really turned into all colors thanks to our Deep Ellum movie posters, Penguin Classics collection, and the abacus.  Anywho, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but I'm glad I finally get to share it with you!


And some "detail" pictures... :)

This cannister cracked me up.  I do love carbs.

I've had these Campbell's soup cans for 7 years.  They've never really gone with anything else I've owned but they work quite nicely in this room!

Nesting trays on nesting tables.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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