Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello April!

Someone reminded me the other day that I have a blog.  I've received a few texts and comments from some of you asking if everything is alright, which made me feel good and terrible at the same time.

In short, yes, everything is quite alright.  Thank you for asking. :)

In not so short, I just haven't felt like blogging much lately.  I can't blame it on work or a busy nightlife (haha), but the blog has lost a little of its luster and whether I intended to or not, I stepped away from it for a bit.

Quite honestly, I'm not sure this post is an "And I'm BACK!" post, it's more of an "I'm still alive" post.  I will fill you in on the past few weeks, which have had many great and and a few not-so-great moments.

- One of my best friends just had a gorgeous (& healthy) baby!  Meet Rhett Matthew and beautiful mom Leslie!
- Work has been rather calm lately.  Sure it's the calm before the storm (renewal season is upon us), but I appreciate the small stuff.
-  Last night we went to a FC Dallas game with some friends and had a great time.  It was my first outing in almost a week (see "Not-so-great moments" below) so it felt nice to put on make-up and regular clothes. 
- We went to Chicago last weekend to celebrate Easter and Braden's 1st birthday!  We hadn't seen everyone since Christmas so of course the boys looked like college students.  We had a wonderful time and were so glad we got to be with Braden when he turned the big ONE.  We probably won't see them again until Thanksgiving so we tried to make the days count with our nephews.  It was pretty good to see Justin & Michelle and my parents too.  :)

- Speaking of nephews, they're about to become BIG BROTHERS!  Michelle and Justin are expecting their third in late September!!  Mom and baby are both doing great and of course the waiting game begins as to whether they'll welcome another brother or baby sister.  :)
- One more surprise - Michael accepted a new position early last week!   You might be a bit confused because he started a new job a year ago (almost to the day).  Well, he wasn't looking for anything but was recommended for this position by a friend of his.  It's a big step up for him and was too good of an offer to pass up... and he begins next Wednesday!  I know it was hard for him to tell his current boss and team but they were all very understanding and supportive.  Yay Michael!

- This isn't blog-worthy at all but I love throwing pity parties and inviting my closest internet buddies.  Monday morning I went to work and noticed my throat was a bit sore.  I figured it was the dreaded allergies and prepared myself for a a few days of misery.  Tuesday morning I woke up to my throat on FIRE and an excruciating headache.  I decided to stay home and around 3p I noticed I didn't have any typical allergy symptoms.  At 6p, I took my temp and it was over 100 so we drove to the walk-in clinic.  At the tender age of 29, I was diagnosed with strep.  The doc asked if I'd been around it and I told her my nephews both had it a while ago and that I was at a birthday party with 16 small kids.  That seemed to be enough for her and she told me to take the next few days off.  I had strep all the time when I was little and seemed to get over it fairly quickly.  Not this time.  And so in addition to Tues, I stayed home Wed, Thurs, and part of Friday.  Woke up Friday to a stuffy nose and cough.  Ah yes, the allergies.  Let me tell you, when your throat hurts from strep but you can't breathe through your nose because of allergies, your temperament is AMAZING.  Woke up this morning to what looks like pink eye but it seems to have calmed down a bit so I'm praying I won't have to add it to this week of awesomeness!  At the rate I'm going, I will have Lyme Disease by Wednesday.  :)

And there is your April update!  Where has the year gone?  For the record, I've missed you guys a lot.  Hope to be back to my old writing self very soon!


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