Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Holland | 9 & 10 Months

Well it happened.  Holland turned 10 months and there was never a nine month post.  January was CRAZY.  Lots of sickness with several trips to the doctor, an amazing trip to Disney World, multiple days off of school due to aforementioned sickness or school programming... and I just missed it.  Sigh.  Another day would slip by and I'd think, "I really need to write her nine month post."

I'm so sorry, Holland.

While I didn't write, I did take a ton of pictures and videos, including this montage I started on January 1.  So I'll let this tell a bit of our story...

Here's Holland's 9-month stats..
Weight: 21 lbs (88%)
Height: 30 in (99%)
Head: 17 3/4" (83%)

For two average-sized parents, we make very tall kiddos.  Holland had a great check-up and was meeting almost all of her marks.  The doctor asked if Holland waved and I replied, "Well.  Occasionally? Not regularly. Not on command."  She asked if she clapped.  Hmm... nope.  She would bang two objects together, which the doctor counted as clapping, but of course I came home that day and told Michael, "We need to work on her waving and clapping."  Ha. In Holland's defense, we still look at her as an infant.  When Jude & Sloane were her age I was reading them multiple books a day, working on sounds, waving, clapping, singing, etc.  I didn't even realize Holland had reached the age where those things should be happening.  Days are very chill over here and apparently I'm not a natural waver or clapper.

Anywho, long story short, we started working on clapping and waving and she picked both up in no time.  She's also standing up on her own and crawling on all fours!

On her 10-month birthday she started cruising, cautiously at first, but as each day goes by she gets more and more confident. She will keep one hand on a chair and lean down to pick something up off the floor but hasn't stood by herself yet.  I don't see that happening for awhile.

We also had her tested for all food/environmental allergies.  Her eczema was getting worse and worse and the only thing that seemed to offer any relief was coconut oil.  The doctor said we could start going through different foods one at a time or they could take a few vials of blood and test everything.  We decided to go that route.  I was preparing myself for the worst: peanuts, eggs, shellfish... but her test results came back negative across the board.  We were all a bit shocked (and thrilled).  Strangely enough, her eczema completely cleared up while we were in Florida.  The only thing we can guess is she was in a stroller for almost a week straight and not crawling/rolling/etc. on the floor, which can irritate her skin.  Since we've been back from Disney I've noticed her eczema has returned, though not nearly to the extent it was before.

I originally thought we were going to have another picky eater as she refused almost all pureed foods.  It was frustrating and so very messy.  There were tears.  They were not always Holland's.  :/  What I finally realized is the girl just wasn't interested in purees.  Real food?  Loves it.  LOVES it.

This week I had breakfast with girlfriends and Holland shared my entire meal with me.  Scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and pancakes.  That's more than my 5-year-olds eat.  I texted Michael with the fun news and he immediately replied, "Favorite child."  Obviously he was kidding but it's nice to know we may actually have a kid who will eat everything (or most everything) we eat.  Whoop!

One of the reasons she's doing so great with food is she has EIGHT teeth.  They started popping up two at a time in the last few months - she's keeping right up with Jude in this category!  She never really experienced any teething problems but she does put absolutely everything in her mouth so we have to pick up constantly.

She's still nursing 4-17 times a day (I don't even count) and is working on drinking water from a sippy cup.  I was on the receiving end of those eight teeth a few times (OUCH) but she's our sensitive child so all I have to say is, "NO!" and she stops (and cries).  Her face crumples up and I immediately feel terrible for telling her no, which is ridiculous.

She's getting several solid meals each day but they're typically just food from our plates - I don't prepare a lot specifically for her.  This morning she shared my bagel + cream cheese and for a snack this afternoon had some of my chicken and Jude's yogurt.  Pretty laidback over here!

Holland is the best fifth wheel to our family.  For dinner we sit at our spots around the table and just scoot her high chair right next to us.  She watches whoever is talking and will offer her own squawk or wave/clap.

One of the best things is how nice Jude & Sloane are to her.  They are crazy about her and genuinely love spending time with her.  I wondered if we would have some jealousy issues or frustrations about her holding them back but so far they've just welcomed her to their club.  I know this won't always be the case but I'm enjoying it now!

Holland doesn't need many toys but she does require your complete attention.  She doesn't have an independent bone in her body and still has severe FOMO.  Most of the time it's not a problem as there is always a lot going on around here but days when it's just the two of us (and I need to work) can be quite challenging.

This is pretty hit or miss lately.  She was doing really well with sleeping through the night before Disney but while we were there she woke up several times and I always fed her so she wouldn't cry & wake the rest of the family up.  Once we got back home she was still expecting several middle of the night feedings (NOPE) so we're having to retrain a bit.  Naps are... ok.  The morning nap is pretty short (typically less than an hour) but the afternoon nap still lasts 1.5 - 2 hrs.  I'm not ready to drop her morning nap yet but it won't be too much longer.

Dear Holland,
Baby girl, HOW are you two months shy of one?  Your little personality is really shining lately and you make us laugh all of the time.  You and Sloane crack each other up more than anyone and it's really sweet to sit back and watch.

You've changed so much in the last few months.  Along with your eight shiny teeth, your hair is really starting to come in - it's straight on top and curly in the back so we're not sure which one will stay!  Your skin has lightened quite a bit and your eyes are a gorgeous blue.  You still have so many rolls and, as always, I can't get enough. Both Jude & Sloane started slimming down after they turned one so I'm enjoying the chunk while it lasts.

You're wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 3 shoes.  You do not care for shoes or socks, which would be quite fine by me if it weren't so dang cold outside.  I always bring a little sweater or blanket because I know even if it's below freezing you're going to kick off your socks and they're going to get lost in the infinite abyss that is my car.

You "talk" all of the time but aren't saying many words yet.  Dada is still your favorite and baba is really common, too (we started playing "Barbara Ann" for you and you sing right along)!  Still no mama, I whisper it to you throughout the day but no luck yet.  You also make several other sounds that I'm sure will become words sooner than later!

You really don't care for sleep, sweet girl.  Putting you down for naps is tough and almost always met with tears.  I wish I could convince you how amazing naps are.  One day you'll realize and it'll be too late! :)

You are such a bright spot to our days.  When Michael gets home from work you light up and clap - it makes him so happy.  I get the same response when I pick you up from a nap and your whole body just melts into mine.  Your little cheek against mine is my favorite.

I have to go now because you're insisting I hold you.  I must also mention you have a bit of a jealous streak - if you see me holding Jude or Sloane you crawl right up to us so I'll hold you as well. It's been a bit tricky when I'm holding a sick big kid and you have to wait your turn.

I love you, sweet girl.


T E N  M O N T H S



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