Monday, March 31, 2014

Jude & Sloane | 17 Months

Jude Sullivan...

...weighs 28.5 pounds (estimate) and wears a size 6.5 shoe.  The shoe salesman told us he has the hands and feet of a 2-year-old and to be nice to him because he's going to be bigger than both of us.  Yikes!

...drinks his weight (all 28.5 pounds) in water.  He loves it!

...adores music.  Whether it's on the computer, television, or a toy, he could listen (and dance) to music all day.

...wants to throw his own diaper away.  I'm fine with this.  What I'm not fine with is his desire to play with the Diaper Genie.  Gross.

...still needs a second nap.  We're down to one nap but I'm considering putting him down for a small cat nap around 4p.  He does well until 5p each night and then struggles until bedtime (7p).

...has turned into a ridiculously picky eater.  I honestly have no idea how he weighs so much because he refuses to eat most things.

...doesn't really care about directions.  He'll bring you a toy or give you a hug, but it's on his own terms.  I see a lot of time-outs in our future.

...loves to eat snacks in his new chair.  All I have to say is, "Time for a snack!" and he bolts for it! so shy around almost everyone.  We went to a few different play dates recently and he stayed in my lap or my arms the entire time.  I was shocked.  At home he is the boss.  Anywhere else, he is a stage five clinger.  

...can drive me absolutely crazy but only has to smile and say the word "mama" and I am his.

Sloane Elisabeth...

...weighs 24.5 pounds (estimate) and has a 34" inseam (I'm mostly kidding).

....adores puzzles, shapes, and her straw fedora.  She wears it every single day.

...continues to prance, strut, point her toes, and request bows in her hair. However, she also...

...loves the soccer ball.  She throws it, kicks it, and adores watching her dad show off his fancy soccer moves.  She watches intently with the biggest grin on her face.

...has phenomenal fine motor skills.  I imagine she will be painting her fingers and toes before long.

...cleans up after herself.  If she spills something, she finds the nearest burp cloth and wipes up her mess.  Thank you, Sloane.

...has started climbing the stairs standing up and using the wall as her support.

...loves her new chair.  She doesn't want to sit in it for the entirety of snack time (she has places to be!), but she understands the rules so she always comes back.  She also loves consistency so if I forget the "side table" (drum) between the two chairs, she grabs it and places it there herself.

...has really started growing some hair.  She has a single curl on the back of her head and enough that I can actually put a bow in her hair without the help of a headband.  She touches her hair often--always with a confused look.

...has the kindest heart.  She is Jude's second mom and I tell her every day how thankful I am for her sweet spirit (she gets it from her dad).

 Happy 17 months, sweet babies!  I love you so much!


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