Tuesday, August 12, 2014


August 12, 2014 - A Note To Myself

Today Sloane pooped on the cream rug in the nursery.  You saw it and yelled "Noooo!" as Sloane stepped right in it and proceeded to cry.  Jude was temporarily put in his crib and Sloane was given another bath (she'd just had one).  As for the rug? Warm soapy water and white vinegar to the rescue.

Today the twins poured Thumbs' food all over the kitchen floor.  After you'd picked up every single piece, they dumped it into her water dish.

Today Jude picked up Thumbs' poop and brought it to you with a shy smile.  It was the worst gift you've ever been given.

Today Sloane woke up with a runny nose and you wondered if another two-week cold was about to begin.

Today you talked to a friend about something she's going through that absolutely breaks your heart.  It's a road you've traveled twice and no amount of empathy will fix it.

Today you read several tributes to a gifted actor who committed suicide.  You teared up thinking about someone suffering in silence.  Who else "has it all together" but is absolutely broken inside?

Today you ran a few errands and came home to both garage doors wide open.  You were scared someone had broken into your home, but later realized you'd just been really, really careless.

Today you walked into the nursery and found your daughter in nothing but a diaper and smile because she'd removed her pajamas at some point during the night.

Today Jude woke up late and let you hold him for five beautiful minutes while he rested his head on your chest and wrapped his arms around you.

Today you played the song "Happy" for your kids and watched them dance with glee.

Today you sat in your car (in the driveway) while you waited for Michael to get home.  You took a picture of Sloane's profile and it took your breath away.  Such a sweet face.

Today Michael shook his head and smiled at your carelessness and reminded you that everyone makes mistakes (but politely asked you to check the garage door twice next time).

Today you sat on a newly cleaned rug and sang, "This Little Light of Mine" with the three brightest lights in your life.

Today you woke up with a smile and will go to bed with one too. 

Today was a gift, albeit haphazardly wrapped.

Today mattered. 

(Tomorrow will too.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jude & Sloane | 21 Months

Jude Sullivan...

...has become obsessed with crawling into tiny spaces.  Only problem?  He is not tiny.  However, he always finds a way to fit.  Lately the gigantic caterpillar joins him.  There is a 95% chance he needs help getting out.

...is picking up more and more words.  For 20 blissful months neither Jude nor Sloane uttered the word "no."  They would adamantly shake their head but "no" wasn't a part of their vocabulary.  Within the last few weeks, they both learned the word and it's become Jude's favorite.  And it's never a simple, "No."  It's "no, no, no."

...traveled by plane (first time) to the beach (first time)!  He had fun on the plane and adored the beach.  He was a little timid when he first saw the ocean, but before long he was walking right in the water and running victory laps in the sand.  He loved to destroy dad's sand castles and throw sand into the ocean.

...picked up a beautiful tan while we were there!  Jude has always been extremely pale so we were expecting him to burn.  Instead, he came back each day blonder and tanner.  He now looks like a little surfer dude and I do a double-take every time I see him.

...still has the best, most contagious laugh on the planet.

...hears the following at least 100 times a day: "Soft hands," "Be gentle," and "Don't hurt your sister."  He is so strong and has no clue that his hugs and face grabs HURT.

...is so very sensitive.  He's especially sensitive when Sloane gets in trouble.  He's already her protective older brother and I love it.

...has started sliding downstairs on his belly (feet first) and is so fast.  I think he's been spending too much time with his caterpillar.

...loves to wave and say goodbye to everyone he sees (grocery shopping is always fun).  When he's done playing with you he says goodbye and waves before he walks off.  Thanks Jude.

Sloane Elisabeth...

...has picked up a new skill: jumping!  She doesn't get both feet off the ground every time but we've caught her doing it correctly several times and she is SO proud of herself.

...traveled by plane (first time) to the beach (first time)!  She really enjoyed building sand castles with dad.  Her favorite part of the pool was the noodle ("noo-nal") and the tiles that tell you the depth of the pool.  I can't tell you how many times one of us recited, "Four feet six inches.  No diving." to Sloane.  She would carefully point at each number and letter.

...is possibly tanner than her dad.  Fellow vacationers commented on her pretty glow.  Her hair is quite a bit lighter and you can no longer see her eyebrows.

...has quite the vocabulary these days!  She says a ton of words but you have to listen carefully because she doesn't always say them correctly.  For example, hippo is consistently "popo," etc. 

...is officially addicted to the iPhone.  She knows how to take pictures, swipe the screen, enter my passcode (it's the same 4 numbers), and select one of the two kid apps we put on the phone.  She also thinks it's fun to open my text messages and text my friends.

...will randomly decide that someone needs a huge hug so she will stop what she is doing and run full force into your arms.  It's precious unless you aren't ready for it.  Then it's a little scary.

...gave my mom her new nickname.  She's always gone by Gramsie, but none of the grandkids are able to pronounce it.  Last week Sloane started calling my mom Gaga.  Done.  Move over, Lady Gaga.

....does something positively adorable every 14 seconds.  I can't keep up with her cuteness.  If you say, "Let me see you smile," she turns her head and gives the most obnoxious grin you can imagine.  Closed eyes, scrunched nose, open mouth.  It will not attract future suitors so Michael especially loves it.

...loves to point to her belly button and then lift up your shirt to show you your belly button (which is not at all embarrassing).  

My cup overflows! Love - Mama


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