Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm Your Biggest Supporter

Before I had kids I was one of those women who rolled my eyes at crying babies in church, shuttered at tantrums in the grocery store, and felt like pacifiers were basically a gateway drug.  I shared my "I will never (fill in blank)" and "My child will never (fill in the blank)" stories to all who would listen.

And then I had two babies.

There are many statements I made pre-babies that I still stand by.  Most of them, actually.  The difference is I now realize what I feel is best for Jude & Sloane is exactly that... what I feel is best.  There are one million different ways to raise a child and my job is to raise my two the best I know how... and to keep my nose out of everyone else's business.

The day I became a mom I became a supporter of other moms.  I didn't look at them as competition, I looked at them--at us--as an alliance.  We are a group of women with different backgrounds, different beliefs, and different values, with one very important thing in common: we love our kids.  To me, as long as you love your kid, I'm your biggest supporter.

I bring this up because a friend of mine was deeply hurt by other moms today.  She posted a picture on Instagram and mentioned she and her husband tried the cry it out method with their daughter last night.  She received multiple comments and while many were words of affirmation, there were a few that were downright hateful.  Some questioned her parenting while others told her to "do her research." One even said she hoped my friend's children let her cry it out in a nursing home one day.  What?!

I was absolutely appalled.  I'm not upset that these people disagree with the CIO method, but why did they find it necessary to say such awful things to a fellow mom?

There are several things we do (or don't do) with Jude & Sloane that might make you raise your eyebrows.  They don't have bumpers in their cribs.  They are almost six months old and have never had rice cereal.  The television stays off when I'm home alone with them.  If a pacifier falls on the ground, we stand by the 5-second rule.  We let them cry it out.  They get all of their vaccinations.

All of these things could make one question our parenting but so far we've only received support.  I know our day will come when someone makes a rude remark or a person without kids opens their mouth like I once did.  I hope I handle it with grace.  But more than that, I hope it never happens.  This post is not new information--I have read multiple articles, blog posts, status updates, etc., that all center around the same idea:  Support each other.  Love one another.  And the next time you feel the need to say something negative, smile instead and tell that mom she's doing an amazing job.

Because she is.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Unsolicited Advice

Now that Jude & Sloane are 5.5 months old, I am the baby expert.  Ask me anything, I know the answer.

Obviously I'm kidding.  However, there are a few items I wanted to share that either helped us or would've helped us in the first few months. 

As always, there is no one way to raise a baby (babies) and a few of the items below could be considered slightly controversial, so please understand this is merely my opinion.  I'm only trying to help others by sharing what helped us.

1.  If you haven't already, open up a Health Savings Account and start setting aside money each month.  The babies were on my insurance when they were born but we all moved to Michael's insurance at the beginning of this year.  We started contributing to his HSA last Spring when we found out we were expecting.  Remember Sloane's ER visit that happened less than three months after her birth?  Thanks to planning ahead a bit, the $1000 bill (gulp) was already paid for and wasn't a huge burden immediately after multiple expensive hospital bills.  See also: Don't take your child to the ER unless they are missing a limb.  A 100.4 degree temperature is not an emergency.  (I'm slightly bitter.)

2.  Make a playlist for the hospital.  We didn't listen to it during the births but we did listen to it the entire time we were in our hospital room.  It was nice to have music during that time and I still love listening to the playlist now because it brings back such sweet memories of those first few days.

3.  If you plan to breastfeed, start working on your attitude now.  I don't have to tell you that breastfeeding is rough in the beginning.  There were several times I thought, "It would be so easy to quit" but I'd already told myself it was going to work and I would make it work.  Now I know sometimes it just doesn't work.  But when I hear women say, "I'm going to give it a try and we'll see what happens," I get a little nervous for them because the first few weeks are an uphill battle.  If you are determined to breastfeed go in with the attitude, "This will work."  It also helps to do the math on how much formula costs (especially when there are two)!  Remembering that amount was enough to push me through the tough times! :)

1. Michael and I went back and forth on whether or not the babies would remain in our room or go to the nursery the four nights we stayed in the hospital.  In the end we opted for the nursery and LOVED it.  We were able to get much needed sleep (they brought the babes in every three hours to eat).  HOWEVER.  It made our first night home pure hell.  I'm not kidding, that may have been the worst night of my life.  We were absolutely terrified, didn't know what we were doing, and thought we were going to kill the babies approximately 18 different ways.  I cried for six hours straight.  Michael was a mess too.  We discussed it the other day and decided if we could do it all over again we would've had the babies stay with us the last night in the hospital.  A trial run with professional support/help standing by.  I think that would've made the transition much smoother and would've given us the confidence to get through that first night without tears.

2.  When it's time to leave, TAKE EVERYTHING in your room.  Our friends told us to do this and we did.  I found out later that some of the breastfeeding items I took cost $10-15 each.  And there were dozens of them.  You paid for them (look at your hospital bill) so take them. 

1.  One of my friends asked if she could be in charge of a meal train for us.  I resisted several times and finally accepted her sweet offer.  I am so grateful she did this--it was a lifesaver.  If someone volunteers to do this for you, let them.  I'm not sure we would've eaten if it were up to us to fix our own meals.

2.  If you're going to spend money on clothes for your newborns, invest in nice pajamas.  We had a closet full of adorable outfits for our newborn babies and most were worn for a quick picture.  Let me tell you, a denim jacket in size 0-3 months is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  It is also severely impractical and the only attention it will receive is wistful glances from mom.  Pajamas, however, will be worn and worn... and worn.  And washed and washed... and washed.  Save your money on the outfits, spend your money on the pajamas. 

3.  Take them out when they're little.  Now don't be stupid about this.  If it's -4 degrees, please don't take them out.  But when they're little and sleeping 95% of the day, enjoy that time and have lunch with your husband and/or friends.  I was (am) one who goes stir crazy fairly quickly so I got out of the house early and often.  They slept through all of it and I didn't go crazy.  Everyone wins. 

4.  Let them nap on you.  Jude & Sloane would sleep anywhere when they were tiny, including our arms.  There were many times I felt guilty letting them sleep on me because I was afraid I would spoil them and I had so many other things I "needed" to do.  However, I remember thinking, "Pretty soon they'll be too big for this" so I continued to hold them and let them sleep on me.  I am so grateful.  At 5.5 months, they already prefer the crib.  It breaks my heart but I can smile at the early days when they were just as happy in my arms.  The housework can wait.  Dinner can wait.  Your arms will never hold anything more precious so soak up every single moment and spend that time memorizing their sweet sleepy face.

(Now pardon me while I go bawl my eyes out and completely regret selling all of my maternity clothes.  Just kidding.  I think.)   :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Thank You & One Last Chance!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the big sale!  Also, thanks to so many of you who passed the word along to your friends/family.  It was a huge success and I'm so grateful!

There are a few items still for sale, I have them listed below for a slightly lower price.  Final offer.  :)

As a reminder...
If you see an item you like, please comment or email me (meredithsclothes@gmail.com) the item number along with your email address.  This sale is on a first come, first served basis.

Shipping is not included in the prices listed below.  Shipping/Handling will be a flat rate of $5 for one item.   The shipping price will go up $0.75 for each additional item.  For example, if you purchase three items, the shipping price will be $6.50.   

This sale is restricted to those making payments through PayPal and with a U.S. shipping address.  Payment is expected within three days of purchase.  

All sales are FINAL!
ITEM 1: ASOS White Cotton Maternity Dress with Crochet Trim (Size 4)
Original price: $58
Blog sale price: $24

ITEM 2: Motherhood Maternity White Linen Pants (Size Small)
*Pants are not lined; Elastic waist 
Blog sale price: $10

ITEM 3: A Pea in the Pod Relaxed Jeans (Size Small)
Blog sale price: $28

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Maternity Clothes For Sale!

The clothes are organized into three sections: 
  • Tops
  • Pants/Jeans/Shorts
  • Dresses
If you see an item you like, please comment or email me (meredithsclothes@gmail.com) the item number along with your email address.  This sale is on a first come, first served basis.

Shipping is not included in the prices listed below.  Shipping/Handling will be a flat rate of $5 for one item.   The shipping price will go up $0.75 for each additional item.  For example, if you purchase three items, the shipping price will be $6.50.   

This sale is restricted to those making payments through PayPal and with a U.S. shipping address.  Payment is expected within three days of purchase.  

All sales are FINAL!  I will try my best to keep the page updated as items are being sold.  The twins are meeting their great grandmother today so if you email and I don't immediately respond, please be patient.  Thanks!

(SOLD) ITEM 1: A Pea in the Pod Top with Shoulder Embellishments (Size Small): $20

(SOLD) ITEM 2: A Pea in the Pod Grey/White Striped Tee with Asymmetrical Hem (Size XS): $12

(SOLD) ITEM 3: A Pea in the Pod Striped Top (Size Small): $16

(SOLD) ITEM 4: A Pea in the Pod Mustard Top with Beading (Size Small): $20
Some of the beads have fallen off.  Original price: $69.50

(SOLD) ITEM 5: GAP Ombre Lightweight Sweater (Size XS): $14

(SOLD) ITEM 6: GAP Orange/Tan Striped Sweater (Size XS): $14

(SOLD) ITEM 7: GAP Army Green Tunic (Size Small): $14

(SOLD) ITEM 8: Motherhood Maternity Black Top (Size S): $12

(SOLD) ITEM 9: Motherhood Maternity Long Coral Top w/ Embroidery (Size Small): $12

(SOLD) ITEM 10: Motherhood Maternity Pink Top (Size Small): $10

(SOLD) ITEM 11: Motherhood Maternity Green Tee (Size Small): $6

(SOLD) ITEM 12: Motherhood Maternity Navy/White Striped Top (Size Small): $12

(SOLD - ALL COLORS) ITEM 13: Motherhood Maternity Tanks (Size Small): $4 each
 Colors (specify when ordering): White, Coral, Purple, Blue, Black


ITEM 14: A Pea in the Pod Relaxed Jeans (Size Small): $28

(SOLD) ITEM 15: Indigo Rein Blue Pants (Size Small): $18

(SOLD) ITEM 16: Old Navy Skinny Jeans (Size 4): $12

(SOLD) ITEM 17: Old Navy Skinny Jeans with Smooth Panel NEW WITH TAGS (Size 4): $18

(SOLD) ITEM 18: Motherhood Maternity Tan Linen Pants (Size Small): $10
*Pants are not lined; Elastic waist

ITEM 19: Motherhood Maternity White Linen Pants (Size Small): $10
*Pants are not lined; Elastic waist

(SOLD) ITEM 20: GAP 1969 Demi Panel Always Skinny Jeans  (Size 4): $20

(SOLD) ITEM 21: GAP Really Skinny Black Pants (Size 4R): $12

(SOLD) ITEM 22: Indigo Rein Green Shorts (Size Medium): $8

(SOLD) ITEM 23: Motherhood Maternity Jean Shorts (Size Small): $8


(SOLD) ITEM 24: Motherhood Maternity Maxi Dress with *Black Belt* (Size Medium): $18
FYI: The dress runs true to size, I went up a size for length
*The green belt in the picture does not come with this dress!

(SOLD) ITEM 25: Motherhood Maternity Turquoise Pleated Dress with Black Patent Belt (Size Small): $15

  (SOLD) ITEM 26: ASOS White Cotton Maternity Dress with Crochet Trim (Size 4): $24

(SOLD) ITEM 27: Motherhood Maternity Black Polka Dot Dress with Yellow Patent Belt (Size Small): $15

(SOLD) ITEM 28: LAUNDRY by Shelli Segel Dress - Pea in the Pod Collection (Size Medium): $80
*Original price: $225

Remember, if you see an item you like, please comment or email me (meredithsclothes@gmail.com) the ITEM NUMBER along with YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. 


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