Saturday, October 10, 2015

We Laugh A Lot Around Here

This age is HILARIOUS and so incredibly sweet.  I wanted to share some recent conversations that had us smiling pretty big!

Me: Looks like you guys learned fire safety yesterday! Do you remember what you do when there's a fire? 

Sloane: Stop, drop, rolllll!
Jude: and whip nae nae!

On October 4, Sloaney prayed all by herself for the first time.

Sloane:  Dear Jesus, thank you SO much for my family and (senseless chatter). Amen!!

(Many nights after we've put the kids to bed...)

Jude: Hellloooooo?  It's me, Jude!!

Sloane: Mama, you have big hair. 

Me: Big? Really?
Sloane: Yes. Big. Biiiiig hair. I have little hair (makes "little" hand gesture with her fingers). One day I'll have big hair too!!

Me: Jude, can I have a hug?

Jude: Of course!

Sloane: Mama, I'm sick. I need to go to the doctor.
Me: What hurts?
Sloane: My elbow.
Me:  Really?  Anything else?
Sloane: My finger.
Me: I'm sorry! Does your elbow still hurt?
Sloane: Nope.
Me: Does your finger still hurt?
Sloane: Nope.

(After giving them suckers for the very first time...)

Me: Well, what do you guys think?
Jude:  Deeeeelicious!

(Whenever dad gets a haircut...)

Sloane:  Daddy!  You got a haircut!
(After I chopped off at least six inches of my hair...)
Sloane: (crickets)
Me:  Sloane, did you notice mama got a haircut?
Sloane: Oh... right.

Me: Jude!  Get in bed right now!

Jude: Huuuugs! (reaches out)

Me: Jude!  Do not (throw/kick/toss/push/hit) your (toys/sister/cat/food)!
JudeHuuuugs! (reaches out)

(After completely messing up my hair while trying to attempt beach waves...)
Sloane: Woah mama, your hair!
Me:  Does it look that bad?
Sloane:  Yes.

(To be continued...)


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