Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

This post is to serve two purposes. I want to share some pictures from the past two weekends because both were fantastic, and the other is to say goodbye for awhile. Not long, maybe a month or so, but I need a break. I know you’re thinking, “You’ve barely posted as it is, why do you need a break?” Whether I post or not, I think about this blog every single day. And I feel guilty every single day. I absolutely love to write but lately I’ve posted the bare minimum so I can say, “I’ve posted something this week.” Well that’s crap. For you and for me. I decided this morning that it might be better to take a short hiatus so I don’t have that guilty feeling every day. I’m feeling very out-of-sorts at the moment. My job is in busy season so I'm under a large amount of stress (brought on by myself, of course) and the small part of me that’s not freaking out about work is freaking out about the class reunion in a few weeks. Who knew June (typically one of my favorite months) could be so stressful!? I’m a wee bit down on myself lately and I need to figure out a few things before I completely spiral out of control. The last thing I want is to end up on Jerry Springer with the words, “Meredith Haynes, Crazy Eyes” scrawled across the screen. Sick.

I know all of you have busy schedules and I apologize if you're reading this and thinking, "Get over yourself." Huge props to you for handling everything so gracefully, and please understand how envious I am!

So enjoy these pictures and to the few of you who still read this blog, I will be back (whether you like it or not)!

Bridal Luncheon for Emily's wedding!

Kait and I at the rehearsal dinner

They had us sitting across from our dates instead of next to them. We were a little confused at first but it ended up being a lot of fun! Merd and the two Steves...

Michael has never looked so happy...

:) (Doesn't he look handsome in his vest? And yes, his eyes really are that small.) (Love love!)

Absolutely stunning...

The newlyweds!

Only missing the bride!

TU gang

Brunch the morning after. Congrats Mrs. Korns!

The six of us together again (cue corny music).

And shall I remind you who visited us last weekend?

Evan played in our neighborhood pool (see video below)!

Playing at Kid Country in Coppell

In the jungle (our sideyard)

Uncle "Ike" and Aunt "Mermi"

Watching Beyonce put a ring on it.

When you ask to see Evan's belly, he lifts up his shirt and slaps it with both hands (whilst grinning). Cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, it doesn't work so well when you're wearing a onesie swimsuit (or whatever you call those things)...

That's it for now! See ya later, alligator.


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