Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Current Favorites!

It's been a long time since I've done a favorites post so I thought it was high time!  I've included some steals as well as some splurges, but I'm only telling you about items that really make me happy.

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1. Madewell Fleet Jacket  I'm a huge fan of cargo jackets.  I've been looking for a new one as my last one was a Christmas gift from many, many years ago - it's gone in and out of style four times since I received it.  I love army green but I thought the blue would be a nice change (it does, however, come in green).  The website says to order down if you're between sizes.  Maybe that's true for most, but when you've been cursed with long arms, better order up (even though I almost always cuff the sleeves anyway).  I love that it's fitted so I can wear it over a spring dress without feeling bulky up top.

2. Michael Kors Metallic Card Holder & iPhone Case
A few of my friends had a case like this and I thought to myself, "That's ridiculous!  If you lose your phone you're screwed." Then I realized I lose my wallet, I lose my license, and I lose my credit card constantly.  What do I never lose?  My phone.  So I decided to get it and I've never looked back.  As someone who hates carrying handbags (the diaper bag ruined me for life), this has made errands and nights out so easy.

3. Leith Racerback Dress
When we went to Vegas last summer, Ashley wore this dress and we spent the entire trip telling her how much we loved it.  Meri & Lauren ordered it that week and then I borrowed it for my 15-year reunion.  I did not want to give it back.  It comes in six colors and I just ordered the coral.  Now I'm wondering if I need to order at least two more colors...  Did I mention it's only $48?

4. Kiehls Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter
Michael gave me a few goodies for Valentine's Day and this was one of them.  We're both huge fans of Kiehl's face wash and shampoo, so it's no surprise this immediately made it in my favorites list as well.  It is fabulous.

5, Bed Head Styling Wand
When I chopped my hair I asked friends for styling wand suggestions.  I was told to skip the super expensive wands and go for this one.  I did and I love it.  I'm still learning how to use it (if the "I stuck my finger in a wall socket" look ever becomes a thing, I am truly going to be a superstar), but my friends who've mastered it have amazing hair.  The Michael Jackson glove has been used by me exactly once, but Sloane adores it.

6. Express Scuba Leggings
My friend Amy showed up to a birthday party wearing these and I stared at her legs the entire time.  I'm sure she noticed but it didn't stop me.  I finally asked her where she got them and when she told me Express, I realized I hadn't stepped foot in that store since college!  I went the next day and purchased them immediately.  Several friends followed suit.  They are so comfortable and I wear them constantly.

7. BP Booties
I know it's the beginning of March so booties may or may not be the last thing on your mind, but I love wearing these with dresses and bare legs.  Thanks to the light color, they are sticking around a bit longer over here! And for my friends up north, they're basically a year-round staple.  ;)

Honorable Mentions go to...
Pirate's Booty
YL Peppermint Oil
Boyfriend jeans
Blue Apron (it is so much fun!)
Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me?
Rachel McAdams & Naomi Watts's dresses from the Oscars
Anyone who is not voting for Trump

*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and purchase an item I will receive a small commission.


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