Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Thoughts & Pictures

Here's what is going on in this scattered head of mine...  Bringing back le bullet:
  • Thank you so much for the positive response re. the "Are They Natural?" post.  I know it was a delicate subject and I'm glad it was received well.  And with that, I believe you folks know our entire fertility story and I'm so glad I can say it had an extremely happy ending.  I hope and pray the same is true for all of you with similar stories.  As always, I'm happy to answer any questions or lend an empathetic ear. :)
  • On a somewhat similar note, since we are 99% sure I will never be pregnant again I'm going to sell my maternity clothes via the blog.  I'm hoping to do this sooner than later (summer is right around the corner!) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works and I don't hear a bunch of crickets--haha. Anywho, figured it was worth a shot.  I'll be doing the same with some of Jude and Sloane's clothes (tear) but that will happen a little later down the road.
  •  Speaking of Jude and Sloane, they are both high rollers these days!  I will discuss the specifics on their five month post, but they are both rolling back to front and front to back.  This is slightly terrifying as I've now walked in to see Sloane on her stomach in her crib.  I realize it's not a big deal but who are we kidding, everything is a big deal to me.  The message on Sunday really hit home because I spend 96.8% of my day worried about these two (you can listen to it here).  I recited Phil 4: 6-7 throughout my pregnancy and continue to do so now that they are here.  If I ever decided to get a tattoo (mom--I won't--BREATHE), I think I'd have that scripture tattooed on my hand.
  • And just a few other randoms I want to mention so I don't forget.  Michael and I are powering through How I Met Your Mother.  We started season 1 right around the time the kids were born and are now in the middle of season 4.  Love that show.  My hair is falling out in clumps.  They said it would happen and I didn't believe them.  They were right.  The kids are so big that I'm having a really hard time carrying their carseats any sort of distance.  I'm grateful they're so healthy and my arms are getting a solid workout but man, it's exhausting!  The extended family is planning a trip to Table Rock Lake in the Spring.  The five cousins will reunite and I can't wait!
Here's some pictures.  If we are friends on Facebook and/or Instagram, feel free to sign off now as none of these are new. :)

I took this right after he rolled over from back to stomach!

 Happy Pi Day (3.14)

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jude & Sloane | 4 Months

I'm not sure if it's because February is only 28 days but this month flew.  Sloane and Jude managed to make my least favorite month quite wonderful so props to them!  This post is a little delayed due to their 4-month well visit, which was yesterday.  I wanted to wait until I had their stats so I wouldn't leave anything out.  Here we go!

Jude's stats at 4 months:
Weight: 18 lbs 4.5 oz (95%)
Height: 26 in (85%)
Head: 17 in (75%)

Sloane's stats at 4 months:
Weight: 15 lbs 3.5 oz (80%)
Height: 25.5 in (85%)
Head: 16.75 in (85%)

Clearly we have petite children--HA!  Jude has always been slightly larger than Sloane but the past few weeks he just took off.  Every morning I would lift him out of his crib and swear he weighed a pound more than the day before.  The doctor was thrilled with their sizes and declared both healthy and right on track with development.  They received two boosters and an oral vaccine.  Both cried for approx 10 seconds and then were just fine.  I've mentioned this before but I am so thankful they don't handle needles like their mom. Hoping that trend continues.

As you can tell from their weights, both Jude and Sloane are terrific eaters.  They nurse 5-6 times during the day and take a 6 ounce bottle before bedtime.  And I have to brag on these two--Jude and Sloane are also great sleepers/nappers.  They are easy to put down and give me several breaks throughout the day.  Unfortunately, they are terrific sleepers because they NEED sleep and when they don't get it, times can be tough.  They've been sleeping in their cribs since they were two months and recognize sleep sack + crib = nap.  With that in mind, they have a harder time sleeping in their carseats and at friends houses.  Having a pretty strict routine has its benefits but has caused them to not handle spontaneity as well.  Their bedtime is now 7:30.  I'd loved keeping them up later so they could spend more time with Michael but they weren't having it!  They are still sleeping well throughout the night, typically until 5 am.  I nurse both of them and then they go back to sleep for a few more hours (and so do I)!

Jude and Sloane love to play, which has given us a chance to see their personalities so much more this month.  While one is eating I typically put the other on the playmat and then switch. When they're both done eating I put them in their bumbos facing one another and either read them some books or just sit back and watch.  Jude immediately starts talking and Sloane gives him the biggest smiles.  They both love Sandra Boynton books (they actually stare at the pages and smile as I'm reading).  They also love Mr. Inchworm and are starting to enjoy Sophie.  She is a little big/awkward for them so they drop her a lot.  Both enjoy the exersaucer (especially the lion and monkey) and spending time on their quilts.  When I put them next to each other they immediately reach for the others hand.  They really seem to enjoy being near one another.  I am so excited to watch a friendship form between the two.

I'm anxious for the weather to warm up so we can go to the park more.  I think all three of us enjoy getting out and about and the sun is an added bonus!

Even though February was a short month a lot of new things occurred.  We started attending The Door Church and love it!  It was the first time we left the babies with someone else (other than our parents).  They've been in the nursery three times now and have received great reports each time!  I'll be honest, the first Sunday they were in the nursery I spent the entire sermon staring at the screen expecting to see our number pop up.  I was shocked (and relieved) when it didn't.  There are A LOT of children at The Door so Jude and Sloane are in great company.  We have visited half a dozen churches since living here and are so grateful we found one that feels like home. 

We also introduced the twins to Sophie the Giraffe and a few other teething rings.  Neither have teeth but both are showing major signs of teething.  Lots (and lots) of drool and occasional moody dispositions.  

A few weeks ago I was putting the babies in their carseats and noticed Jude looking especially uncomfortable.  I figured it might be time to remove the newborn inserts so I read the manual and realized I should've done it when they were 11 pounds.  Mom of the year right here.  Once I removed the extra padding they both looked so much happier!  I left the head support in the carseat but will probably remove it this month. 

Dear Jude,
What a big boy you are!  I've loved seeing your sweet personality shine this past month!  You have a smile for everyone you see and we can't help but smile back at you.  You are still quite the talker, whether it be to people, your toys, or the wall.  You also love to talk while nursing, which is adorable but makes feeding slow down dramatically.  You're very polite and give your listener a chance to respond once you've finished a lengthy story.  How kind of you!  I do wish I knew what exciting stories you were sharing.

Much to your dad's chagrin, we think you are slowly becoming a thumb sucker.  You still take a pacifier before going to bed but it's usually out of your mouth and replaced by your thumb fairly quickly.  It could have to do with teething so we'll see.

Your legs are so strong!  You love to stand on our laps and can do it for quite awhile.  You also love playing in the exersaucer and have gotten quite good at balancing.  You're trying to roll over but haven't quite mastered the technique yet.  When I give you a little assistance you give me the biggest smile as if you've done it all by yourself.  You are so cute, Jude!

You are such a wonderful big brother.  You immediately reach for Sloane the second I lay her next to you.  If you aren't grabbing her hand you are resting your hand on her shoulder or side.  You still love to talk to her and her smiles encourage you to continue.  I've noticed when you are both upset I can put you next to one another and you seem to calm each other down a bit.  What sweet siblings you are!

You love when I read books to you.  While your sister continues to scan the room, your eyes never leave the pages.  I'm always shocked at how long you stay interested.

I'm afraid I kiss your sweet cheeks a thousand times a day.  You put up with it well and give me the biggest grin every time.  I wish you weren't in such a hurry to grow up because I sure do love my baby boy.

Dear Sloane,
This has been a big month for you little one!  You smile all of the time now and your entire face lights up.  Your eyes disappear and your mouth opens as wide as possible.  Picking you up after a nap is such a treat because you act like you haven't seen us in years!

You have taken quite a liking to your hands and are chewing on your fingers constantly.  You also found your feet this month so when your hands aren't in your mouth they are holding your tiny feet.  At the very beginning of this month we retired the swaddle so you are now in a sleepsack like your brother.  It suits you well and gives you a chance to flail your arms properly.  You also graduated to size 2 diapers!

A few weeks ago you rolled over from your stomach to your back!  I'm not sure who was more shocked, you or your mom!  I cheered and them promptly placed you back on your stomach so you could do it again.  You've rolled several times since and are now trying to roll from back to stomach.  No luck yet!

I noticed one morning you were talking to the animals on the playmat (you'd been fairly quiet up until this point).  It was a low raspy voice and when you saw me watching you, you stopped.  The next day you were talking to every single object in your line of sight, including your brother and myself.  At one point you grabbed my arm as if to let me know, "What I'm about to say is very important." 

This could've been a total coincidence but was so cute that I'm going to mention it anyway.  The other day you were nursing and your brother was on the playmat at my feet.  He started getting a little upset but I continued to feed you since I knew he would be fine to cry it out for a bit.  After a minute or so of his crying, you pulled back and just looked at me with a worried expression.  I tried to get you to nurse more but you wouldn't have any of it.  I sat you down, tended to your brother, picked you back up and you happily went back to nursing.  I'm still not sure if it was your brother's cries or you simply needed a break but I thought it was the sweetest moment ever.  What a wonderfully loving sister you are!

We love you two so much! 



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