Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Holland | 11 Months

We're about 10 days away from Holland's first birthday but she is STILL 11 months so I'm going to consider this delayed blog post a win.  I'm that marathon runner who limps across the finish line as they're removing all of the street cones because everyone else finished the race seven hours ago.  Not even sure I get a medal.  Participation ribbon is pushing it.

ANYWHO.  Our darling girl is closing in on one and I'm feeling all the feelings.  It's been a quick year and so incredibly sweet.

Holland is still amazing us with her willingness to try anything and everything.  That being said, she is not a FAN of everything, but I love that she takes "no thank you" bites just like her siblings.  At this point I am supposed to be feeding her three meals a day.  Most days that does not happen.  In fact, most days at least one of her meals is what is left over from Jude, Sloane's or my plate.  We have dinner as a family every night so that's really the only time she gets a complete meal.  We're working on it.

She hasn't added any new teeth but her front eight are fully in and are great for helping her eat.  I keep looking for a few more to pop through because her hands are in the back of her mouth constantly.

As far as nursing, that's still going really well!  She still nurses 4-6 times a day.  I was far more scheduled with the twins so when I start weaning it's going to be tricky.  It's not like I can "drop the noon feeding" because I usually watch her cues for eating times instead of watching the clock.  It's a bit hilarious how type A I was with J&S and how type B (is there a type C?!) I am with Holland.  It's worked well for us and so far everyone is happy and thriving so I'm not too worried.  Ask me how I'm feeling at 18 months if she's still nursing 4-6 times a day.

Holland is such a ham.  She is quite the social butterfly and absolutely loves being around her siblings.  If anyone around her starts laughing, she throws her head back and laughs as well.  It is my favorite thing about her right now.  She MUST be a part of the conversation!  She "talks" all the time but still doesn't use many appropriate words.  She says "dada" regularly and when I beg her to say "mama" she says "Baba."  She either says "Hey" or something very close to it when she waves to people.  Her favorite word at the moment is "Osh" and we've yet to figure out what she's talking about.

She's mastered several gestures: waving, shaking her head "no," clapping, pointing, and giving high fives.  She also dances on command, which is the cutest.  If you tell her "no," her face crumbles and she cries her eyes out, which is both sad and hilarious.  She is so dramatic.

Still no signs of walking.  Not even close.  She cruises around the house with grace and speed but has no confidence in letting go.  In fact, if I hold her hands to help her walk she'll take about six steps before she sits down.  Just not interested.  That being said, she's worn holes into several of her pajamas from all of the crawling - she is everywhere and into everything.  She's also started climbing the stairs, much to our chagrin.

Holland is getting more interested in books and really likes the ones that have texture on the pages.  We introduced a few puzzles this month and she could take them or leave them but she's very interested in stealing pieces from her older brother and sister's board games.  So sneaky.

Holland has been sleeping fairly well.  She still takes two naps a day, one around 10a and the other around 2:30p.  One is typically two hours and the other is one hour but I never know which will be the "long nap" that day.  She goes to bed around 7:30p and most days sleeps until 7:30a.  I would say three or four days a week she sleeps through the night and the other days she wakes up for a quick snack around midnight.

We still put her in a sleep sack for both nighttime and naps.  She never took to a pacifier and she's also not a thumb sucker so she doesn't have anything to soothe her when she wakes up.  When she wakes up she stands up in her crib and then cries because she doesn't want to fall back down.  If this happens in the middle of the night one of us has to go in and lay her back down.  Michael is nice enough to take that job because if I go in there she thinks it's time for another meal.

Dear Holland,
Precious girl, you are so much fun.  You are not the laidback third child I expected - you prefer the attention of everyone in the room and aren't truly satisfied unless you are being held.  Fortunately, it's still a fight as to who gets to hold you and everyone - including your brother and sister - just love to spend time with you.  You are charismatic and I have a feeling your strong personality will continue to grow right along with you.

Holland, you are so very tall!  We aren't quite sure where the height is coming from but when I see your dad holding you it makes me so sad because you no longer look tiny in his arms!  You have gorgeous blue eyes and the prettiest lips.  Your skin is quite fair and your hair is thickening up - it looks to be a dark blonde.  You're comfortably wearing 12-18 mo clothes and size 4 diapers.  I love that warmer weather is heading our way because seeing your cute arms and legs is my favorite!  Rolls for days, my dear.

I've always been a little nervous about you being so much younger than J&S but so far you've just fit in so well with everyone.  Sloane is the best little mama and can make you laugh harder than anyone.  Jude brings out your mischievous side and I have a feeling you two will be partners in crime forever.  I'm also so grateful for the bond you and I have shared this year - you are constantly on my hip and I think we both feel a bit safer when we're together.  There's a good chance I will have to walk across the stage at your kindergarten graduation because I'm not sure either of us wants to put you down.

I've been searching for the perfect nickname for you but nothing has fit.  I tried calling you certain names and it just sounded forced so I stopped.  For whatever reason I've started calling you Chicken Little, which makes no sense whatsoever but for right now it's the best we have.

Your daddy is going to write your one year letter so this will be my last letter of your first year.  I hope when you read these notes you understand how happy you've made all of us.  I feel so incredibly lucky to call you mine and even though the thought of you growing older makes my heart hurt, I know you are going to be a gift to so many others.  I can't wait to learn more about you, my precious baby girl.

Love you forever,


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