Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Speech

Tonight, every finger and toe is crossed for The King's Speech. I can't remember the last time I was so emotionally invested in a movie--perhaps it's due to my four years of speech therapy (Mewadif Wee!) but I really don't think so. It's such a beautiful film, and I can't wait to own it so I can watch it all over again.

Mom and Dad--this is my final plea--GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dance And Pray That No One's Watching

Yesterday my mom asked if I'd gone on another blog hiatus so I figured it was time to dust off the keyboard and let my fingers do a jig.

I know you're thinking I must have done some extraordinary things over the past few weeks and that's why I haven't made an appearance. But alas. I was just living life.

Last weekend we went to a TU young alum event and had a great time. It's weird reuniting with colleagues who now have grown up jobs, when the last time I saw them they were at a fraternity house yelling obscenities. Ah, the joys of growing up.

So I'm going to give you some unsolicited advice. Get on Amazon or iTunes and order Mumford & Sons latest cd, Sigh No More. Or do you already have it? We were both fans of "Little Lion Man" but Michael bought the cd and we can't stop listening to it. It's strange because it's definitely not a genre I'd typically like (folk??) but it's amazing. Every single song. Below is one of my favorites, "Awake My Soul." I especially love the line, "Where you invest your love, you invest your life." I dare you to listen to it and not breathe a little easier.

The other night Michael and I went to dinner and played the favorites game. I wish I could say all of our discussions are thought-provoking and life changing, but sometimes it's just fun to think about your favorite year in college (his: sophomore, mine: freshman), favorite artist (his: Death Cab mine: MJ), or favorite part of our wedding (his: peeking over the guests to see me walking down the aisle, mine: sharing our vows). Honestly, a lot of the questions we could answer for one another. But it's those questions we've never asked (until that very moment) that make me realize we've barely scratched the surface.

Seriously, marriage is so much fun. As I type this I'm watching Michael dance like an idiot to Mumford & Sons and I'm realizing that maybe, just maybe, this will become a favorite moment. And with that, I'm off to dance (like an idiot) with my husband.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's The Freakin' Weekend!

The past few weekends have been so great! Now that the snow is finally gone and the sun is back where it belongs (front and center), my heart is no longer beating erratically and I've lost the huge desire to hibernate. A not-so-quick recap...

Last weekend Michael and I invited my work friends (the Underwriting group) over to our house for Game Night (oh yes, it's capitalized). We had so much fun. There were four couples total and each brought an appetizer and/or dessert and a board/card game. We ate, drank, and were very merry. I am really fortunate to work with so many great people. You'd think we'd be sick of each other after working together all week but we get along fabulously and so do our husbands. We decided Game Night needs to happen more than once a year so Game/Grill-Out Night has already been scheduled for May 2011. Woohoo!

Last Sunday we had our second annual Super Bowl party (I use that term loosely as there were 5.5 of us total) and ate Texas BBQ while watching a decent game with so-so commercials. We had a great time with the group and had fun watching Owen boogy to Beyonce. :)

Friday night we skyped with Justin, Michelle, and Evan and were able to wish Justin a very happy 32nd birthday "in person." We also got to see our future niece/nephew (well, Michelle's baby bump--close enough). Can't believe s/he will be here in less than two months!!

Yesterday we woke up to a gorgeous day and Michael surprised me with a gift card to a place in Highland Park. We ate lunch at The Mint, spent my gift card, and decided to turn it into Discover Dallas Day (our New Year's resolution). We spent most of our time around Highland Park and were so out of place (and SO ignored). As we were leaving we decided we don't need to go back again. I did, however, have a moment of pure happiness as we walked around the Christian Louboutin store. Michael might get mad at me for telling you this, but he really likes CL shoes (for me--not himself). He notices them more than I do (admittedly it's pretty easy with the shiny red sole) but he also realizes they cost more than an average house payment and so the shoes will remain on the shelf where they belong. BUT since we're on the subject, I found these beauts yesterday and figured I might as well share them with you:

Window shopping wore us out (ha) so we had some gelato and headed home. We weren't quite ready to end the day so I mentioned a movie at the Angelika. This place is fantastic! It's a very nice movie theater (there are two in Dallas) and it shows movies other theaters won't (think Indies--Sundance, Cannes, etc.). When Michael and I started dating he had to get used to my love of Indie movies. In the days before Netflix, we'd go to Blockbuster and I'd always pick the obscure movies while he'd gently steer me to something else. I finally convinced him to see some and he loved about half. The other half he absolutely hated, but 50% was enough to make him want to see more, especially since we've discovered a lot of music we would've missed if it weren't for them. I now check Angelika's movie listings on a weekly basis. We saw "Another Year" (it had amazing reviews) and when it was over Michael and I were both laughing. Michael was laughing because he hated it and I was laughing because I knew Michael hated it. Actually, the whole theater was laughing because I'm pretty sure everyone hated it. I thought it had several redeeming qualities but the end was crap. Absolute crap. Oh well, can't win them all, and we still managed to enjoy two hours of British accents and bad teeth. An evening well spent if you ask me.

This morning we went to church (finally!) and are going to a nice dinner with Michael's parents tonight. And that sums up an extremely long post that approx 10% of you finished and 5% of you enjoyed.

Hope you all have a happy V-Day. We will be spending it in our pjs on the couch. I believe pizza and champagne have been invited. We'll see if they accept.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Blows

I believe his exact words were, "It doesn't snow in Dallas. It never even gets that cold in Dallas."

Remember a recent post where I told you about the first time Michael lied to me? Folks, we are now working on lie number two.

Honestly, I'm not sure those were his exact words. I do remember him saying it doesn't get nearly as cold or snow/ice nearly as much as it does in Tulsa, and I believe that is still true. However. We set a record the other day for the lowest high (temp-wise) since 1905.

A brief historical review of 1905:

-Oklahoma admitted to statehood
-Crete, which had been part of the Ottoman Empire, declared its union with Greece
-Theory of Relativity published by Albert Einstein
-Hosni Mubarak was elected president of Egypt

(Ok, that last one was a joke)

So you see, a lot has happened in the last 106 years and I'm still wondering how I have been a resident for two of the coldest winters Dallas has ever experienced. Clearly we need to move further south.

I realize these pictures don't compare to those sent to me by my Tulsa friends or family in Chicago, but for us Texans, this is absurd.

At least we don't have a ridiculously huge event happening here in the next few days.

Oh wait...

February 1, 2011 (That is one huge chunk of ice...)

February 4, 2011 (Not only has it not gone away, there's more of it for crying out loud!!!)

(Our ivy)

Ohhh..... Christmas Tree

As much as I hate the stuff (and believe me, I do), it can be quite pretty... for approx 7 seconds.

And just in case you needed a reminder, here I am 5 days ago in 78-degree weather. That jacket? Yeah, I didn't need it.

(Also, if you expected to see pictures of me frolicking around in this crap, I have but one question: Do you even know me at all? SICK.)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Love Us

Snow day for us! We tried to drive to work but had to turn around because the roads were so terrible. We stopped at Mooyah for lunch and while walking on a sheet of ice in 20-degree weather, the following conversation occurred:

Michael: That "no socks" choice is going to come back to bite you.

Me: Ew, who wears socks with these?

Michael: Who wears those?

Funny guy. He has HATED these shoes since he's known me. I think they've gone in and out of style four times since I purchased them and I have no intention of getting rid of them until they fall off my feet.

Also--Thanks for the comments on Michael's pictures. I definitely don't expect comments every time I post pictures (that's foreshadowing for "I plan on posting a lot more") but I'm still very grateful. I shared them with Michael so he wouldn't feel left out. :)


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