Sunday, December 26, 2010

Breaking The First Rule Of Fight Club

If I had to guess, I'd say Michael and I agree on any particular issue 93% of the time. You know how they say opposites attract? We don't really fit that mold.


A few months ago we discovered there is one small thing on which we vehemently disagree. It is not life-changing, nor is it newsworthy, but it shocked me how strongly we felt about this particular issue.

In fact, it caused (what I believe to be) the first outright lie in the Haynes household. We were about to leave for Tulsa and I asked Michael to add a certain song to the iPod so we could listen to it on the drive. He agreed to do so and moments later let me know the song had been added. On a whim, I decided to play the newly added gem to accompany us while we packed. I opened up iTunes and scanned the list until I reached the song. Except, there was no song.

I looked a few more places before it hit me... he never downloaded it. I had this vision of us being halfway to Tulsa before realizing the song was missing from the playlist and Michael grinning whilst letting me in on his terrible lie. At that moment he walked up the stairs and we made eye-contact. My eyes narrowed and then his eyes narrowed (keep in mind we both have very squinty eyes so when our eyes narrow it is REALLY difficult to see). I pointed in his general direction (vision was limited) and said, "You LIED to me. YOU lied to me. You lied to ME." After emphasizing each word in my short statement, he simply said, "I hate that song."

Our biggest disagreement of 2010--hell, quite possibly the biggest disagreement of our 6-year romance. And since this is my blog and I've written 300 entries to his three, I shall post this glorious song so it will be a part of us forever.

Such a tumultuous life we lead.

(Sidenote--I am not a fan of her voice, especially the first 30-seconds. But this song? THIS SONG IS AMAZING. Especially in the car.)

(Sidenote II--I was NOT this kind of teenager.)

And if one version wasn't enough...


Suzanne said...

I was totally luke warm about the song until the Darren Criss version. He made it dreamy :)

Jax said...

haha! Love it! And the Glee version is freaking awesome!

Summer said...

You KNOW I love Teenage Dream! Mikul shall pay a very steep price for this trickery.

Cari said...

Hahaha!! Nice work, Mikey. As much as I wish I hated that song, it can't be stopped. I will dance to Katy Perry anytime, anywhere. Ugh. Glad you got it downloaded before it was too late!

Leslie said...

LOVE this song!!! I wish you had been with me last week when I was driving by myself with this BLARING. An incredible car song, for sure. (Jonathan would totally have been with Michael on this one)

Trish said...

Oh, I'm so glad I didn't mark this read at work when I couldn't see the video you were talking about because as soon as I saw Teenage Dream I BUSTED out laughing. Hard. Really hard. Now I have the song blasting. And can you believe I don't even have it downloaded onto my own ipod?

Scott and I are very very different but it gives us balance. Though, if our only fight was about music...I don't even know. We don't fight--hardly ever--but there's lots we disagree on. Some battles just aren't worth the fight in the end, though.

In my skin tight jeans be your teenaged dream...! Off to download! Yoooooooooooou make me feel like I'm living a... ;)


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