Sunday, June 21, 2009

Howdy Ya'll!

Discover Dallas Day 1
June 19, 2009

7:15 am: Wake up in sheer panic. I'm late for work! Wait... no I'm not. Curl up under the covers and enjoy another hour of sleep.

8:30 am: Wake up again. I'm late for work! Wait... no I'm not. (This could get old.) Realize it's my first day as an unemployed gal. Think I'll just relax and not do a darn thing.

8:45 am: I AM SO BORED. What do people without jobs (and kids) DO all day? Decide I will take my trusty gps and discover some of the nearby 'burbs.

10:00 am: On the road! Travel throughout Lewisville, visit a few parks that have some great running trails.

10:04 am:
Piss off first Texas driver.

12:00 pm: Find a Taco Bell that is relatively close to the house. Victory! (Last week I typed in "Taco Bell" on google maps and found nothing. Was immediately depressed. Well guess what, google maps? You were WRONG!) Order two supreme beef chalupas sans tomatoes.

12:30 pm: After traveling through Lewisville, Coppell, Carrollton, and some of Plano, decide it's time for a trip to the mall.

12:35 pm: Piss off 14th Texas driver. (Oops!)

2:30 pm: Leave mall without one purchase. Pat myself on the back for being so disciplined. Decide I'm thirsty.

2:45 pm: Go to Barnes and Noble and order a tall white chocolate mocha ("um, YEAH I want whipped cream. Psh."), grab The Shack and sit at the bar so I can read and look out the window.

3:00 pm: Figure out the girl sitting 2 stools down from me is waiting to meet her eharmony (or date for the FIRST TIME. Realize this after I hear her say, "Oh, you're wearing the red shirt just like you said you would." Oh jeez.

3:15 pm: Silently pray that the girl will please STOP TALKING. Decide her date is thinking the same as me. Consider asking him something so he will catch a break from his online date.

3:30 pm: SERIOUSLY. Stop talking!! I am so annoyed.

3:45 pm: Internet lovebirds take off together. My guess is he's taking her to the library or to a movie. Anywhere that talking is not an option.

4:30 pm: Receive a call from Michael telling me he is on his way home. Throw away empty cup, put book back on the shelf (don't judge) and drive all the way home WITHOUT the help of directions.

Day 1: Huge success.
Next up? Irving and (gulp) downtown Dallas. Prayers would be much appreciated.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Week!

Have you seen or read High Fidelity? If not, go see/read it. Both are fantastic. (Not to mention, who doesn't love John Cusack?!) The author creates top 5 lists for everything and I tend to do the same. For example.

Top 5 ways God could punish me forever (aka. "Hell on earth" items of business):
1. Brain MRIs. Seriously, shoot me if I ever have to do one again. I consider it the most basic form of torture.
2. Hairy spiders. What ARE you? An insect? A mammal? I am so confused!!!
3. Miley Cyrus. Oh and Speidi. All 3 of them make me so angry.
4. Long voice messages that end with, "Ok, call me back." You have 2 choices: 1) Leave an uber short message and say "OK, call me back." Leave a long message and say "I just explained everything so no need to call me back!"
5. Packing

I HATE PACKING! Michael flew in late Friday night and we spent the weekend packing. Well... we spent most of the weekend packing. Well... we packed some. I would pack for 20 minutes and then take a very long break. If this says anything, we watched 3 movies this weekend. In random order:

1. Bride Wars. I should have known. With a name like Bride Wars, I should have known. I might have laughed twice. It just wasn't good.

2. The Hangover. Yep, this was very, very funny. Michael and I went yesterday and as we walked in the theater I stopped mid-step (literally--Michael bumped into me), turned around and whispered very quietly, "I think we're in the wrong theater." Why would I say that? Because there were only 8 other people and 6 of them were 65+. So Michael gave me one of his ginormous sighs, walked out to check the sign above the door (I stayed firmly planted mid-step), walked back in and pointed to two seats. So... it was a strange audience but still very hilarious.

3. Definitely, Maybe. Neither of us went into this expecting much but we both ended up loving it. I was thinking it was going to be a full-blown chick flick, but it actually had depth. I LOVE DEPTH!

Not that I have any credentials to judge movies, but as one who spent 6 hours this weekend watching fictional characters do funny, even more funny, and "How much longer is she going to talk about her hair being blue" things, I felt compelled to share.

Including today, I have 4 days left at the ol' job. Very excited, very nervous... and most of all, very ready for things to be back to normal (whatever the hell that means).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Business Women Special

Last night I created a group on facebook in preparation for a big event coming up. Here's a hint:

Oh yes, I am exactly one year away from my 10-year reunion. Unbelievable. I've been talking to the girl in charge of this year's reunion and she told me to start preparing NOW so we'd have plenty of people show up. So here I am, 365 days away from ours and already in full planning mode. Hoping I will not burn out before Christmas.

A part of me is so excited to see everyone and the other part is freaking out. I'd rather duck into a random store (done this more than once--ask my friends) than participate in small talk. I can't stand it. I'm terrible at it and anyone that talks to me knows it. I hate awkward silences so the entire time the person is answering my question I'm thinking about my next question. Fortunately I can pull the whole, "Welp, I need to go check on (fill in the blank here) but it was SO great to see you and I'll see you in 2020!" Do you think that's too obvious?

And here's my darling nephew! He is finally able to play with a gift Michael and I gave him for Christmas last year. I know Justin is excited to have a guitar buddy.

New video of the little guy. Happy Friday everyone!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Life Does Not Revolve Around Wine. I Promise.

Welcome to the slooooowest week ever. Is it just me or does it feel like it should already be next Monday? It's probably just me.

I have a story to tell and no pictures to show. How sad. And typical. This past weekend I visited some college friends (same group that went to Branson plus one younger sister). I wasn't going to go since weekends are the only time I get to see Michael but he insisted. Reminded me that I was about to be four hours away from one bff and a plane ride away from the other two. And of course he was right so Friday afternoon Kait and I drove to Kansas City to meet up with the group. Saturday morning the girls (sans me) participated in the Hospital Hill run. One did the 5k, two did the 10k, another did the half, and I stood in a long line to get my asiago cheese bagel and coffee. Say it with me: Merd is a fatty. In my defense, the run was sold out by the time I decided to make the trip. Not to mention I didn't want to pay $40 to run 3 miles. That just seemed ridiculous. So I cheered them on and spent my time trying to figure out how I could swipe a free shirt or medal. Did not succeed at either.

After the run we spent the rest of the day shopping, getting manicures, and other uber girly things. Went to dinner that night and then out to several bars. Great, great weekend.

Yesterday I had a wine and cheese date with two 70-year-old women. Both are active and involved, with incredible wit and drive. I have so much respect for each of them. They've told me I remind them of what they were like many years ago and I in turn look to them for guidance. I will miss them when I move to Dallas but I have a feeling we'll keep in touch (they know more about the internet than I do)!

Next Thursday is my last day at the church and then I'm immediately driving to Texas to reunite with one Michael Eugene. We will have been apart nine weeks. I think I've matured a lot in that time. It's crazy how strong you are and how much you can do when there is no one there to help you. A lot has happened over the past several weeks (will share with you later and NO I am not pregnant), and it feels good to know that while yes, I am married, I can still take care of myself (thank you very much).

That being said, I can't WAIT to be back together with my partner-in-crime. 8 days--wahoo!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fridays = EEEEE!

I think he's taller than I was in 7th grade.

Uncle Mike is SO proud....


He's a musical genius! For some reason this picture reminds me of the scene in Back to the Future where Marty plays the guitar all crazy-like. Even if no one else knows what I'm talking about, I am confident Justin does.

You guys say he's always so happy and most of the time I imagine he is! But here's proof that the little guy has some rough moments...

Don't you just want to pick him up and hug him?!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Bumper Is Hotter Than Your Bumper

Is this not the most beeeeautiful bumper you've ever seen?

(Did not realize my reflection would be part of the pictures, my apologies for not wearing a cuter outfit.)

I am so happy to have my car back. As I was driving home the grass and trees turned into funny people dancing, smiling, and waving at me. Oh and they were singing too!

All was good, my smile was bright... and then I reached up to push the garage door opener and felt nothing. Aaaand that's when I realized I left it in the stupid (STUPID!) Equinox.

Stupid happy trees and flowers. Stupid Equinox. Stupid Merdi.

(FYI: My initial reaction to the missing garage opener was nothing close to "harmony between man, nature, and machine." Oops.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Comments Are Better Than Birthday Cake

I have this new thing I do when I get excited. It's a very high-pitched "EEEEEEE!!" sound. (It's what I imagine a pterodactyl sounded like way back in the day. RIP.) Anywho, your comments? So many "EEEEE!" screeches were made, it was ridiculous. Thank you for introducing yourselves to me. I tried to write each one of you but for those of you who don't have a blog profile, let it be known that you kick butt.

As far as google analytics... I am not the one to ask as my skillz are very limited. Type "" into that little bar up there and watch the magic happen.

After today, I think I might become an every-other-weeker-WBW-poster. I love it, I really do, but when I dedicate a post each week to both WBW and Evan, I've run out of steam to write about my present. And I care about this blog too much to lose perspective.

Enough about that. With no further adieu, bring on the Way Back Wednesday madness! Here's a whole slew of pictures from Melissa's wedding in July 2006.

BFFs in college. Pretty and innocent picture with the bride.

Bride has left the group... Still pretty innocent but Kait thought something was quite funny... Summer is doing a jig.

Annie has moved down so we have a nice 2-row formation. Sash from my dress has made its grand entrance.

Annie is hugging us. Sash from my dress is a hit! (I adore this picture...)

Annie is now so low that only her hand is visible. Kait has left. Sash from my dress is still a great prop. I show off my best dance moves.

The end. (Thank God.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's Play A Game Where You Tell Me Who You Are...

Like most bloggers, I have a special place in my heart (and html code) for google analytics. It's a fabulous program that tells you how many people visit your blog, their general location, how long they were on your site, etc.

Stalkers--have no fear. It does not give me your IP address or anything specific so those of you who don't want me to know you're reading my blog are safe. Except for one of you specifically, and I think you know who you are....

Oh I'm so kidding, quit being paranoid.

Lately I have noticed hits from several cities/states and I don't know anyone who lives there. So I'm asking you, dear blog stalkers, unstalk yourself and let me know who you are. It would make my day! Not only that, I can add your blog (if you have one) to my growing list. Everyone wins!

Google analytics also shows how people found my blog. Some of you hop over from other blogs, some have typed in my full name (thank you for leaving out my height and weight), but one of the most common ways? Looking up "back brace" on various search engines. Remember the back brace posts from several months ago? (Click HERE and then HERE.)

It makes me so sad. I know there are several young girls (maybe a few dudes) out there who are nervous about getting a back brace and discovered my blog along the way. I went on a complete tirade mocking it and myself. And while I can look back now and have a nice laugh, it was NOT funny at the time as I was so self-conscious.

So for any of you out there who found my blog by typing in those two magical words, it sucks. It does. But it gives you excellent posture, rock hard abs, and the understanding that sometimes crap happens and you just deal with it because it could be so, so much worse. And guess what? I graduated high school and college, have a great job (for the next 2 weeks at least) and am happily married. So I'm pretty sure it didn't ruin my life or cause any setbacks (visit again in 5 years to check my progress).

So ends my PSA on back braces. Now back to all of you stalkers... It is time.


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