Saturday, December 7, 2013

All About Jude | 13 Months

Jude Sullivan...

...absolutely loves music.  If a song is playing, he is smiling, clapping, and dancing. great high-fives.  And after he gives you one he claps for himself.  No self-esteem issues here!

...will be the class clown.  If Michael and I are talking and one of us laughs, he immediately starts laughing (a ridiculous fake laugh), which makes us laugh even more, which makes him laugh even harder.

...has become quite the walker.  He still keeps his hands up for balance but is all over the place these days.  He does not like wearing shoes and struggles to walk while wearing them. a pacifier thief.  He yanks it out of Sloane's mouth and takes off in the opposite direction.  Actually, he steals anything Sloane is holding.  Poor girl doesn't stand a chance. an absolute bulldozer.  If Jude sees something he wants he heads straight for it, which means anything in the way (people included) gets trampled.

...has become a daddy's boy!  If Michael is in the room, Jude is right next to him!

...wears a size 4 diaper, mostly 18-24 month clothing, and a size 5.5 shoe. He has ten teeth. the best hugs.  He doesn't like to sit in one place for very long, but he's still so cuddly. 

...needs another haircut.  We're holding off for now but his neck and ears are starting to disappear again. quite the flirt.  At one point he had every single Anthropologie employee crowded around him.  His trick?  When you smile at him he tilts his head to the side and shyly smiles back.  Cutest thing ever.

...does not like the stroller unless you are moving.  He's fine for a stroll around the mall, but don't you dare stop in a store for more than a few minutes.  He already hates shopping--how sad.

...only knows one volume: LOUD.  

...looks exactly like Michael or my dad.  We hear both all of the time.

...has the best legs.  They could not be shorter or chubbier.  I'm in love.


Susie said...

He is indeed the "dude!"

Aubrey said...

What a precious boy! I love the idea of his fake laugh and short chubby legs. :)


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