Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So this is just ridiculous. It’s been more than three weeks since my last post, which covered an event that happened in October. I really need to snap out of it.

What’s worse is stuff is actually happening in our world and I’m just too lazy to write about it. In a sad attempt to bring this beautiful blog up to speed, I bring you the bullet. (Pronounced: bull-LAY. It’s French I think. Oui oui.)
  • Michael and I are still happily married (thought I’d get the obvious out of the way).
  • We started the Haynes Family Budget of 2012 (HFBMMXII) and it is OBNOXIOUS. I’m kidding. Well no, I’m actually not, but it is great and very much needed. Michael created a pretty nifty spreadsheet, which is now a Google document and updated daily. We have a line item for everything. It’s been a pretty eye-opening experience thus far and while some line items are more difficult than others (e.g., Starbucks, personal spending, etc.) it will benefit us greatly in the long run. That savings account is about to get more love than it’s ever wanted.
  • Michael gave up fast food and I gave up caffeine for Lent. This essentially means I also gave up fast food because it’s just RUDE to chow down on a big greasy cheeseburger while your husband eats tuna out of a can. I’m no martyr—I’ve definitely had Raising Cane’s at least once. Interesting story about caffeine: I really thought I’d get headaches when I cut out the caffeine but I didn’t. I was drinking two cups of decaf each day and decided my body rocked. Then one of my co-workers politely told me that decaf has caffeine. What the wha?? I checked and sure enough, there are trace amounts. Moral of the story: No more decaf coffee.
  • I’m now part of a girls Bible Study that meets twice a month. The girls are incredibly sweet and we’ve bonded quite nicely. It all started thanks to Michael reaching out to one of his friends from high school so kudos to him for being awesome. I am THRILLED as my Dallas friend population practically doubled. We’re reading the book Crazy Love and so far I just love it like... crazy. Hardy har.
  • I’m in the Wellness Committee at work and we just gave everyone pedometers. I have aged at least 35 years as I wear mine everywhere and am constantly checking my stats. Most everyone at work does the same so I don’t feel quite so nerdy. In case you’re curious, I walk an average of 2 miles at work each day, which burns off fewer calories than one caffeine-free coke.
  • I haven’t picked up my camera in over a month and I miss it desperately.
  • I haven’t picked up my side of the room in over a month and I just wish Mary Poppins would show up for crying out loud.
  • Michael and I are traveling to Chicago in a few weeks to celebrate our nephew’s FIRST BIRTHDAY. Holy cow, where did the time go? I’m quite excited to get my hands on that (not so) little guy.

 Ok, that’s it for now.


Tanner and Lindsay Cooper said...

Good Mereidith writing right there:) funny stuff! Glad to see you are still married. I was worried.

Melissa said...

LOVE crazy love! he used to come speak at my college a lot back in the day and it was always a massive treat when he came. excited to hear more of your thoughts when you're done :)

Leslie said...

1) I have never heard of Raising Cane's. You will take me there when I visit, which will be soon since we're about to be I-35 neighbors.

2) Heard great things about "Crazy Love." And even more excited that you're getting to know a new group of friends!

3) You should get a pager to match your pedometer.

4) Send Mary Poppins to our room when she's done. My side looks like we've already moved to Oklahoma and experienced a tornado.

The Echols Family said...

Hey!! I found your blog through Jacqueline & Travis'! You are an incredible writer, girl. I totally understand on the not finding time to update, though. I usually update like 6 posts at a time, and then go weeks without paying it any attention. Excited to start following you guys here! :) -Jenny

Kaitlin said...

First and foremost, Happy Pi Day! :) I keep hearing about that book, so I need to check it out-- probably quite different than Tina Fey's book I can't put down right now! Very happy for you and the Bible Study group-- good job, Mike!

Jax said...

I feel you! I get home and think "I should blog" and then don't. I mentally blamed my (extremely chatty) ex roomie for my non blogging b/c she talked all evening and I was exhausted by the time I had any alone time. But, nope.. I just haven't wanted to blog. haha.. Sheez. Anyhoo, love the aging 35 years thing.. I was JUST talking to someone about how I thought going downtown for St. Pats sounded "loud" and "annoying" and "smoky." What the what? Who am I? I'm the old version of myself. And I like it. Good job on the caffeine, fast food, budget and bible study! I really do need to be better about budgeting...a lot better. I don't spend a lot at once, but it's more the things you mentioned...starbucks, personal things, etc.

Courtney Edwards said...

Aww, our little bible study got some love on here! :) I am so blessed by your friendship already! God is good. Dont feel bad about updating, I am 3 months behind...ugh!


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