Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today I'd like to introduce you to two people and then collect some thoughts from the group.

I have a doctor's appointment next month, which will be my first visit. Thanks to the internet, I tend to do a bit o' research before I arrive so I know what to expect. I hate surprises (loathe them, actually) and I want to know something about that person when he/she walks through the door. I think it's only fair since they know my complete history and all of my emergency contacts to boot.

So I look up Dr. Soandso (pronounced: so-and-so), and read a bit of history. And then I see his picture. I am pretty sure he was in my sophomore English class. Am I really old enough to have a doctor my own age? Actually the answer is no, but I am firmly convinced I have a Doogie Howser on my hands. I am going to ask him what his favorite TV show was while growing up and when he replies "Full House" I will know I was right.

Take a look. Pretty young, eh? (I changed his hair color so he could remain anonymous) :)

Moving on. The other day one of my co-workers told me I looked like someone on TV. That is HUGE, people. Michael has been told he looks like at least 4 different TV/movie stars. I tend to get, "You look like my cousin Sally!" So my eyes grew and I quickly replied, "WHO!?" I am not allowed to reveal the identity of this co-worker (I was threatened) but he proceeded to tell me he was addicted to soap operas and that I looked like Heather from Young and the Restless. I smiled politely and thought, "Soap opera. Sooooo not a real TV star." Regardless, I went back to my desk and looked up this gal. I couldn't stop laughing. Let's take a look at her, shall we?

Is there any part of her, ANY, that even halfway resembles me? No. Absolutely not. I mean I'm flattered, I think she's very pretty, but I believe I look as much like her (same lady):

as I do her:

Oh well. In other news, Michael and I have been homeowners for a year now (as of last Sunday). I think I might take a few updated pictures of the house--quite a bit has changed since the originals (decorative only).

Off to dress rehearsal.


Haley Nicodemus said...

Very young doctor, indeed. And I love that you threw in an Asian to really prove your point. I kind of see the resemblance in the first pic where she is smiling, but definitely not the second one.

Good luck at the doctor!

your wishcake. said...

Oh my gosh, this post totally cracked me up. You are too hilarious! I love that you changed the doctor's hair color, though - I'm sure he appreciates you keeping it anonymous. Heehee. And I love the "Full House" reference...yeah, I'd definitely feel awkward to be around a doctor my age. It's a little too "Scrubs" for me. (Well, I guess I'd be okay with JD from "Scrubs", come to think of it...but then I'd just want to make-out with him, and that may not be good for my marriage.)

PS: I agree with Haley - I totally see the resemblance in the first photo. Seriously! Gorgeous. No lie.

Leslie said...

I can see it in the smile and hair (esp. considering your longer hair last year) in the first pic, but definitely not in the second one. And I sure did stare at that doc pic for a long time trying to place him in our class at SHS...took that post a bit too literally :) Gullible girl, I am.


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