Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Normal Day At The Gym

I went to the gym last night. ALONE. Have I told you about our gym? It's borderline white trash. We love it. Michael and I hate the "see and be seen" gyms and avoid them at all costs. We saw this one and thought, "This is the last place I would ever want to be seen" so we signed up immediately. Michael's work reimburses 75% of the cost so the two of us are members for about $13 a month. Nice!

Michael wasn't feeling well so it was single Mere time. I found an open treadmill and went to work. The girl next to me was huffing and puffing but something wasn't quite right. She was running extreeeemely sloooooowly. I checked her stats and she was running a 3.5. Is that even possible? I realize I walk pretty fast (a 5) but it was a little awkward that I was walking faster than she was running. Oh well, to each his own. I walked for a bit, ran for awhile (at a 6, which is almost 2 of my footsteps for every one of hers), and then heard some pretty weird noises coming from the slow motion runner. After a failed attempt to drown her out with Jimmy Eat World, I decided it was time for something else. Got a drink of water and walked over to the weights.

And that is when I saw her.

This woman. No, she was not a woman. Perhaps a she-beast? She was terrifying. Her hips were about half the size of mine and her legs were the size of Michael's. I have NO idea how she walks, it was the craziest hip to leg ratio I've ever seen. I kept staring at her body and then realized the mirrors gave me away. I looked up and she was staring at my reflection. I jumped. I started doing my little workout and occasionally glanced at the she-beast. She kept looking at her own reflection and flexing. Every once in awhile she'd make an angry face and I'd jump again (not good when you're holding weights). It was bizarre.

We've noticed there are several body builders that work out at our gym. There are two types of members--severely obese and severely steroided. I just made that word up. I'm not sure we qualify for either (what with my 20 pound limit on triceps).

Finished my workout and booked it. Michael and I adore people-watching but that place is a madhouse! I can only wonder what they say about us. Needless to say, I do believe the tables have turned.


Leslie said...

She sounds like she should either join the Circus or the Miss Fitness America 2009 pageant. Yikes.

Susie said...

Was she wearing grey?????
You know how those grey people are...we have entire families of grey people at our gym.

Emily said...

ekkk.. that would freak me out! ryan and I work out at the gym in jenks... select fitness. pretty small and we like it.. well havent been working out this week bec of feeling sick.. but when i do.. i am there


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