Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm going to make this short because no one likes to read a "blah" post and I don't really enjoy writing one.

But right now (at this very moment), I'm feeling rather blah. That's the only word I can think of to describe it. I'm not sad or mad, or even scared (I HATE being scared)!

Monday I went to work and left my frozen meal on the counter. Just left it. I have always had the tendency to forget things (not birthdays or meetings, but actual things: coats, checks, lunches, etc.). My mom used to tell me to put the item by the door but even then I still managed to forget it. Once I actually stepped over the item and grumbled about it littering the doorway.

Yesterday was a snow day for us, which was fun. As I mentioned in a previous post, I spent my last snow day feverishly cleaning the house so I could spend the next snow day relaxing. We weren't given another snow day and I was filled with remorse. Yesterday I knew better and kept the cleaning to a minimum. And wouldn't you know it, I am definitely back at work today.

I just microwaved my frozen meal for lunch and proceeded to drop the entire thing on the floor. It busted open and made an enormous mess. My lower lip stuck out FAR, people. I cleaned it up and decided I'd grab some fast food but remembered Michael has the car today due to the bad weather (I refuse to drive in this crap for my and everyone else's own safety). Frozen food lunches this week: 2. Frozen food lunches ruined this week: 2. Number of lunches actually eaten by me: 0.

And lastly, I am in my annual winter slump (AWS). My skin is pale, I'm sick of sweaters, and my hair is short. The last complaint isn't typically a part of AWS, but is the result of last year's AWS, "I'm sick of having long hair!" Wouldn't it be nice if I could just agree with myself for once?

So there you have it. No food, pale skin, short hair, bad weather, pink shoes. BLAH.

Coincidentally, AWS also stands for "American Welding Society," "Amazon Web Services," and "American Warmblood Society." Who knew?


Leslie said...

Warmblood??? That gives me the creeps.

katandkarl said...

i am with leslie. the warmblood thing was creepy (yet hilarious.)

i am sorry you are blah. for me, february is ALWAYS the worst month of the year.... it is the shortest, but feels like the LONGEST.

(can it just be spring/summer already? i look/feel so much better in warm weather clothes!! I HAVE GOOD FEET and they are just shriveling away covered in boots and socks. boo.)

damn. looks like i am joining the AWS society. i swear i started this comment with the intention of cheering you up...

Emily said...

well... pale skin here tooo and short hair.. wishing i never ever cut it! want my long hair back and braids and poneys... boo:)
Hope you get out ur slump soon:) TGIF is tomorrow:) yeah:)
Anything fun going on this weekend>


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