Monday, January 12, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Do you have a Monday outfit? I do. Most people like to begin the week with a fresh start and a good impression. Crisp shirt, ironed pants, etc. Not me. I like to EASE into the work week. Today I am wearing my trusty ol' AE khaki pants from the 2003 collection (sans pleats--even I have limits), a white tank and a pinkish sweater. Pulled together nicely by my grey converse shoes. Hair back, minimal makeup, and possible remnants of stubborn sleep lines that refuse to leave my face. It's not a pretty site, but it's one you'll see me sporting almost every Monday. Most days I see one person--my boss--who is kind enough to drop by and say a quick hello. He comes to work in a suit every day. I used to feel guilty.

Enough about that. Had a great weekend! Michael and I went to a friend's house for the OU/Florida game Thursday evening. We walked into a room full of OU fans and quickly headed to the back so no one would see our silent victory dance every time Florida scored. We weren't disrespectful and we didn't high five until we were in the safe confines of our car and on the way home. Had a great time with everyone.

Friday we had dinner with Gary and the-cutest-pregnant-girl-I've-ever-seen. Otherwise known as Anna. They are expecting a little girl in the next two weeks and we had fun catching up with them. Gary is as scared of needles, blood, and veins as I am so we were coaching each other through the difficult times ahead. Michael and Anna quietly shook their heads and rolled their eyes. :)

Yesterday we went to church and then cleaned the house for small group. I also did 74 loads of laundry. And baked a cake. And discovered the newest element of the Periodic table, which is aptly named "Meredium." 1 of the above statements is false--I'll let you figure it out.

At small group last night we watched an excellent video and had a great discussion. It was about your many layers and how many you let others see. What defines you? What do you hide and what do you proudly display? It was one of those queasy stomach videos where you know they're hitting home and you're not quite sure you like how transparent you've become. Well anyway, Michael Homan asked each of us to mention a few things about our spouse that not everyone knows. Rather than focus on the negative, we all mentioned several positive aspects and my queasy stomach was replaced with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Michael and I have become good friends with a couple from our small group and we found out last night that they are moving 2 miles from us! We could not be more thrilled. God bless great neighbors!!

And speaking of good friends, Kait and Steve are getting married THIS WEEKEND!!!! It is going to be a beautiful wedding and I am so excited that 2 great people will soon become 1 fantastic couple in a few short days. Doesn't it just make you want to curl up and watch Father of the Bride? Don't forget your naahvy blue tuxaahdo. :)


Leslie said...

Oooh...jealous of friends living nearby! That is one of the big things I miss about Shawnee, so you are a lucky girl! "Every paahty has a poopah that's why we invited you, Paahty poopah...George Baahnks!"

Lisa said...

We are so excited to have great neighbors too!! We can have parties every weekend. Only kidding. Kind of. : )

Susie said...

So I totally know that you did 74 loads of laundry, if not more. So it must be Meredium???? :)

Melissa McMahan said...

Your Monday outfit sounds like my everyday least I've yet to bust out the "mom jeans" though. When that happens I'll be in dire need of a support group. When's a good time to get together? Us and Jen? Friday's are actually good for me cause Jason has to go to Little Rock most Fridays during b-ball season. Let me know! We could even venture your way :) Little man LOVES the car!


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