Monday, January 19, 2009

"Are You Crying? ARE YOU CRYING!? There's No Crying!"

(Continued from yesterday...)

I reread yesterday's entry and realized I didn't mention how GORGEOUS Kait looked on Saturday. She was absolutely stunning. No one expected anything less but I think she blew us all away.

And now we go back to the reception. After I finished my speech (and cake), Michael turned to me and said, "I need to tell you something." My mind immediately raced, "Oh my gosh, we ARE pregnant" but realized that was the wine talking. I'm an idiot. So I just looked at him and waited. He told me he'd been in a wreck after the ceremony. In our 4-month old Prius. I noticed he made it to the reception sans crutches/cast so I knew he wasn't terribly injured but I immediately asked if he was ok. He mentioned a sore back and neck but nothing critical. A man behind him plowed into our car and left a pretty bruised bumper. They both pulled over and the man showed Michael his drivers license and claimed he had liability (in between cigarette puffs). Michael walked away with little hope. I was still on my speech-high so I blew the whole thing off and told him we'd worry about it later. Famous last words.

After the wedding a group of us went out for a few drinks and then Michael and I came home and fell into bed. It had been a very, very long (albeit exciting) day. I woke up Sunday morning feeling like hell. I told Michael I had a ridiculously painful headache from the 35 bobby pins and he politely asked if perhaps it was from the 35 glasses of red wine. Touché. We packed up our stuff, checked out at the front desk and discovered the hotel had made a mistake that wasn't in our favor. We dealt with it and walked to the car. As I was putting my stuff in the trunk I saw the damage from the stupid accident and started crying (cry count: 4; first was at the salon, second was with Michael Homan, third was talking to my brother). Michael was understandably confused and wondered what happened to the carefree Merd he talked to the night before. She was long gone, my friends. Instead, a hiccuping idiot was now standing in her place. I calmed down a bit as we drove home and started recounting the wedding. I mentioned how neat it was that Kait's brother and sister sang a duet for her first dance and how proud their parents must have felt at that moment. Aaaand the tears ensued (cry count: 5). What the HECK was wrong with me?!?!

This was how I felt ALL DAY yesterday. I never gained control of myself and honestly, it was aggravating and a little scary. Today I took a much needed "mental health day" and feel much, much better. My mom called and told me they put a pacemaker in my grandad and he is doing well. I spent a lot of time with Thumbs Magee and Michael (he's home sick with terrible allergies), and I was able to just... breathe. It felt good.

Note to all: I typically cry (on average) once every four months. This past weekend I cried five times. That means my next cry should not happen until September, 2010. For poor Michael's sake, I hope I am right.

I said I'd post pictures tonight but eh.... perhaps tomorrow? Although I know you won't have time to read my blog because you will be too busy watching Mr. Barack Obama make history.

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