Monday, January 21, 2008

Home... Sweet, sweet home.

Dad took approx. 250 shots of our house this weekend and I am posting all of them! Only kidding, I narrowed them down quite a bit (and still came up with quite a few). Let the tour begin!

Front of our home:

Back of our home:


Breakfast area:


Living Room:

I think this is my favorite "detail" of the house:

I love our coffee table (and also my mom who apparently learned hand gestures from Bob Dole):

Master bedroom:

Master cat:

Entry to master bathroom:

Master bathroom:

Michael and I picked out the mirrors and hung them ourselves!

Extra bedroom:


2nd bathroom:

We hung 2 pictures in this bathroom: a manatee and an ostrich. Yes, I am weird. And yes, Michael is the best:

We love our new home!! We have hung 3 pictures so the walls are still pretty bare but we will get to that eventually!!


Muchacho Numero Uno said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person! Has Thumbs learned her away around the place yet, other than the trail to her food bowl? :)


jules said...

"If you'll notice the mirrors add an illusion of spaciousness" haha just kidding :) Its be-u-ti-ful!


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