Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pronounced: Shellfish

I am what they call a "selfish blogger." And I use the word "they" so that my statement sounds formal and world reknown but in actuality I just made it up...

I have a few friends who blog. Most have children and the others are quite the opposite and still go out on the weekends. I check each blog every day and get VERY disappointed if there are not at least 3 new posts each week. Recently I realized, who am I to get frustrated at them when I'm lucky if I blog once every 2 weeks?! And I have zero kids to take care of and zero chance of going to a bar this weekend. I do believe the two relate--I have no kids and no crazy antics, therefore I have nothing to write about. So while they are busy doing things that are either beyond or behind me, I expect a somewhat formal update on their life. And I want it NOW (stomps foot)!

Moving on! Pictures of the house will be posted ASAP! Mom and pops are coming to visit us on Saturday to see the "finished product." We still have a lot of pictures to hang, etc., but for all practical purposes, we're done. And we're proud. And we want them to see our house and be proud of us. That being said, our camera's flash is as puny as my bicep and takes lousy indoor pictures. I'm afraid if we post the pictures our camera has produced, everyone will think we live in a cave/dungeon/under a rock and visitors will be few and far between. Or if they do decide to make the trek they might bring flashlights and/or night-vision goggles. To cure this problem, we have asked our parents to please bring a camera so that we might document our new abode properly and give it the respect it deserves.

Speaking of respect, I have even more respect for Michael after last night. We went to j-life and hung out with our miniature friends (6th and 7th graders) and then afterwards came home and Michael hung the curtains in the living room. I think they look smashing and he is hot when he uses a power drill. :)

We have a busy (but exciting!) few days ahead of us. We are going out to dinner with Anna and Gary tonight (haven't seen them since the wedding!) and then Kait and Steve are coming over tomorrow night. Saturday we'll be with the parents and then (sadly) it's already Sunday and the weekend is almost over! We started a new class last Sunday night: Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. It's a 13-week study that is supposed to help couples get their finances in check. We're excited to learn how stupid we are with our money. Ha. You know when you're watching a movie and it's a super awkward part so your insides get kind of squeamish and you're just wanting it to be over as fast as possible so you can feel better? I think that's how we're going to feel for the duration of this class. He lays things out there and doesn't really care if it makes you feel uncomfortable (because he and you BOTH know what you're doing with your money is stupid). But it's good to hear nonetheless. I'll keep you updated if Michael and I become millionaires in the next few years thanks to Dave.

Next post will probably not occur for a week (if I'm being honest) and will include pictures--hooray! And a special thanks to all of the bloggers out there who post often and entertain me throughout my work day. It's a tough job but someone needs to do it (please)! :)


Coolest brother on earth said...

Ah, but you *DO* live in a cave/dungeon/under a rock... ...of course, most of us just call it Oklahoma! :)

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Mikul said...

Do you have a timeframe for when we'll have our millions? That sounds like fun.


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