Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Day of October!

Happy Halloween!!

Yesterday was our staff Halloween party. The first year I worked at the church I showed up wearing a pretty basic costume. I was hugely surprised when I went to the party and saw the crazy costumes some of the staff wore. Just to name a few: Super Woman, pirate, 2 Elvis', and most memorably, a pimp (ahahaha). So after that I decided the FPC staff meant business. Last year I went as Marge Simpson--it was my first day back from our honeymoon so I was more brown than yellow but oh well.

This year I went as the USA gymnast, Nastia Liukin, complete with medals, bendi-clips, and of course, the scrunchie. I didn't know if anyone still sold scrunchies or if they'd been permanently banned from all stores. I was lucky, Wal-Mart is still selling 90's gear so I was set! Dr. Miller found out halfway through lunch that the 5 medals I was wearing were actually mine from the past 10 years. He made me stand up as he read each one to the entire staff. If there's anyone who was convinced I was the coolest person ever, they now stand corrected. I think they appreciated "3rd place Science Fair, Microbiology" the most.

One of my favorite costumes this year was my boss. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that we started "First Church's Biggest Loser" competition a few months ago so he dressed up as a participant on day 1. I love it.

Jaclyn dressed up as Joe the Plumber... :)

Tonight we'll be handing candy out to the kiddos. We're expecting quite a few since we think we're one of two couples in the entire neighborhood who do not have children (I looked in the covenant and it appears having kids is not a requirement to live here--I was starting to wonder)!!

If you wouldn't mind, take a look to your right and check out the baby countdown. That's right folks, Baby B is due TODAY!! We're all keeping our fingers crossed that he/she makes his/her (damn the slashy!) grand entrance very, very soon! We can't wait!!

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Lisa said...

Your costume is hysterical! And spot on, I might add. Too funny!


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