Monday, October 6, 2008

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Ohhhh I have so much to write and so little desire to write it. Allow me to re-introduce my best friend, the bullet point: •

Cute little guy, eh?

• I did not have to go to work on Thursday. Instead, the entire staff spent the morning doing team -building exercises at Camp Loughridge. I was hoping for a tall ropes course but our feet never left the ground. I was definitely surprised by the day. I was expecting total ridiculousness but they actually did a very good job--I had a warm and fuzzy feeling when I left. Admittedly, that feeling was partially due to the fact that we did not have to go back to work and it was only 1p. Either way, good times. I work with some great people. :)

• Friday afternoon I met up with Julie! She came by to see our house and then we went shopping for a few hours while we waited for her friend to finish work. The three of us went to Tuccis for dinner and had a fun time catching up. Julie had decided to fly to Fort Smith for the weekend and was kind enough to drive to Tulsa for the day to visit her favorite Oklahomans.

• Drove to Kansas City early Saturday morning to visit Ryan and Ashley! Ashley was at a baby shower when we arrived so the three of us had lunch at a cute wine bar and headed to the Plaza. The boys split up from me and went to the nearest Sports Bar while I was able to shop guilt-free. Met up with them an hour later and ordered the fried twinkie out of protest. I found out Saturday as we were driving that the fair would be over by the time we got back. (No cheese on a stick this year? Are you kidding me?!) Ran into a friend from college and caught up with him--it was a great afternoon! We hung out at Ryan and Ashley's house for a bit, went to dinner and then out to the Power & Light District. It was awesome! Parked ourselves at a fun piano bar and enjoyed the rest of our evening.

• Sunday I had brunch with Summer on the Plaza. It was so great to see her--she wasn't able to come to Tulsa the weekend before so this more than made up for it!

• Sunday afternoon we went to the KC Wizards game before we drove home. I accidentally fell asleep twice during the game. Some might say I was sleepy.

• In 3 hours I will be visiting the doctor. I am dreading it. I think it's a kidney infection but I really have no idea. Going to the doctor apparently gives me anxiety attacks. I did not realize this until this morning when I got on the website from hell: WebMD. Diagnosed myself with four types of cancer (slight exaggeration). I started feeling sick/nauseous so I wandered off to my own personal sanctuary, which just so happens to be THE sanctuary. I was halfway there when my boss found me and asked what I was doing (I guess it did look a bit odd that I was walking towards a dark, uninhabited room). I suddenly got light-headed and had to sit down, all the while telling him I was completely fine (riiiight). Strangely enough he didn't believe me. I finally made it to the sanctuary and discovered four people working on the organ. They heard the door open and immediately started a conversation with me. ARGH! I mumbled a few words, found a hiding place and sat down. Did not move until my breathing steadied and my heart finally decided it did actually belong in my chest. Yes indeed, a fantastic way to start my week.

• It is October!! Normally I would bullet point all of the fabulous happenings that take place this month, but then this post would look eerily familiar to a high school Engligh outline so no thank you. I would like to point out, however, that this month is two of my friends birthdays, our one-year anniversary (WOW!), Oktoberfest, AND hopefully the birth of our niece/nephew. WOOHOO!

• That's it from me!


Leslie said...

Reason #1,726 that I'm glad you're my friend: you eat fried twinkies. So sorry you're not feeling well!

J.B. said...

Michelle's really hoping that your niece/nephew is born this month as well! :)

Emily said...

your blog always brings a smile to my face! WebMD is the devil.. I had to quit going to it.. seeing a dr is the best answer to all your health questions...not the internet!! I cant wait to hang out this weekend:) I have missed ya:)


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