Monday, October 27, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Funny If Every Time We Disagreed We Started Punching Each Other?

I have tried not to make this blog very political and I plan on keeping it that way. However, I decided subliminal messages are ok. We’ll see how it goes. :)

Had a great weekend! Friday we did a whole lot of nothing-I LOVE that kind of day. Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, picked up Kaitlin and drove to Shelley’s wedding shower in OKC. We met a lot of her friends and had a great time. It almost made me want to have another wedding shower… almost. But then there was that moment during the shower while Shelley was opening gifts and no one was talking. All were staring straight at her and her unwrapping skills. Michael and I had nightmares about those moments. So awkward. Your hands suddenly forget how to remove bows or open boxes, and you try hard to say thanks without bragging about your own taste. “Oh my God I LOVE this—it’s so BEAUTIFUL!” (Translation: "Oh my God, I picked this out! It’s so much better than anything you could have picked out yourself!! Thank you for sticking to our registry!”)

After the shower we quickly drove back to Tulsa and changed clothes. I put on my Texas shirt and Kait put on her OSU shirt. Our husband/fiancé did the same and we sat down to watch a great game. I was a little torn. I’m a Texas fan because of Michael, but I do have a place in my heart for OSU due to a long-time bff and another bff’s fiancé. I was very happy that Texas won but sad for the Cowboys.

After the game Michael and I drove to the new BOK center to watch a hockey game. I think I laughed for two hours straight. As soon as we arrived I made a mad dash towards the $9 margarita tower of greatness. It was this giant plastic thing that held a large amount of frozen margarita. Michael opted for a beer. We found our seats next to some of his work friends and I was mesmerized. The teams had not been playing five minutes when the first fight broke out. Everyone around us jumped to their feet and started screaming. I looked at Michael and he just laughed. Where the heck was I? The fight broke up and the game resumed… until 4 minutes later when another fight broke out. Once again, the crowd stood up and started chanting. People next to the glass started pounding the crap out of it.

I wish I could say I never became one with the crowd. But I did. Ohhh I did. By the second period, I was the first one to my feet when I saw a fight begin. Isn’t that terrible? Maybe it was my competitive nature rearing its ugly head, or perhaps I was just cheering for the middle-aged man who was relieving pent-up aggression by pulling the other dude’s jersey over his head. It was one giant train wreck, and I loved every minute of it.

Since I’m on the topic of sports, I want to congratulate the #18 Golden Hurricane for winning again last night. We were a little concerned after the first half but they came back and have yet to break their winning streak. I’m so proud of our school! Too bad the announcer still called us “Tulsa University.” Unacceptable!

Last but not least, I am pretty sure Michael and I will be an aunt and uncle by the end of this week. We are so excited! I talked to Michelle yesterday and she sounded great. They have everything ready, bags packed, and are just waiting for Baby B to give them the signal. If timing works out perfectly, there is a chance I could drive up to Chicago with my parents to see the little guy/gal. If not, I’ll get a chance to hold him/her in a few short weeks. I’m just glad we’re going to find out if he/she is a boy/girl soon so I can stop using the ridiculous slashy mark (/). Highly overrated.

Hope you’re all ready for Halloween! God bless my husband who bought a massive bag of candy for the kids an entire week before Halloween. They will be lucky if we have any left by the time Friday rolls around!


Leslie said...

Where did you find your tshirt? I need one!

Barbecued Peaches said...

I just wanted to say Hi...I randomly stumbled on your blog and it is so cute! I read back a few entries(ok, a lot---slow day at work) and realized you're a DG--me too!


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