Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1 Whole Year

We're back from our trip to Eureka Springs!! We had such a great time and I'll write more about that in the next post. For this one, I came up with 12 things I've learned about Michael that I did NOT know before we were married (one for each month). He did the same for me. I thought it would be fun to read these in 20 years, but figured you might enjoy them as well. It's crazy--you think you know everything about someone--and then you get married! :)

He just typed up his list and I am not going to read it until I have pressed "publish post" (that way I can't change any of my answers)!

My list about Michael:
1. He tends to leave his size 12 shoes in the middle of the doorway or at least in a common walkway. I trip over them daily. And they are quite heavy so my foot always hurts afterwards.

2. He actually enjoys mowing the lawn--so much so that I think he was sad the one time I tried to be a good wife and mowed it for him.

3. He will yell and scream at the television while a game is going on even if there is no one else in the room.

4. He is the better parent to Thumbs.

5. He lets me feel sorry for myself but only for a certain amount of time. He has a huge amount of patience for me when I'm uber sensitive, which is more often than I care to admit.

6. He makes a mean Mexican fiesta. He's actually quite a good cook, but this is his specialty.

7. He talks about our future kids, plans for them, thinks about them... always with a smile on his face.

8. He can literally fall asleep in 1.2 seconds. In bed, in the car, on a couch, standing up...(harhar.) And he only needs about 5 hours of sleep each night.

9. He rarely uses butter, salt, etc. on anything. I get frustrated because most of his food could taste SO MUCH BETTER if he would add the delicious toppings. :)

10. He only knows the first seven words of any song. He'll start off so strong and then fades so fast. Lots of humming, made-up words, and "something somethings" throughout. That being said, he barely knows ANY songs from the 80's, which is pure torture to me. I blame his parents for the negligence! Regardless, he has a GREAT voice and I love it when he actually sings.

11. He always turns on our outside house lights at night, even if we're not expecting anyone. And if I run an errand, it is always on and waiting for me when I get back, even when it's not dark outside.

12. He's not perfect--but he's awful close.

Michael's list about me:
1. She is even more understanding and patient than I thought.

2. There is a mandatory period of between 15 minutes and 2 hours on which she must stew on something before she can admit it is bothering her.

3. She cares about her friends and family more than anyone I know and always keeps them and their interests in mind.

4. She definitely wants children. Whether they come in the next 6 months or 16 years still varies. Thumbs is great practice for now.

5. She secretly loves to watch football.

6. When making a purchase, she nearly always comes home with what she wanted. The decision to make that purchase requires 2 additional trips around the store, my opinion and reaffirmation of my opinion, and the phone a friend lifeline.

7. She is the best trip planner in history.

8. She will forget to unplug the camera after uploading pictures and allows the battery to die 75% of the time.

9. She could probably care less about most of the electronics and sports conversations I start, but she is always happy to listen and chime in.

10. She really enjoys decorating, and our house will look like a catalog by the time she is finished.

11. She’s the first person I’ve met that likes the Christmas season just as much as me.

12. She hates getting dressed after a shower, and will walk across the house and our many windows just to spite me.

13. She can cook a mean salmon. And she likes to pronounce it incorrectly, along with La Jolla and quesadilla, and pico de gallo.

14. We like all the same quotes from movies, and then can never remember them afterward.

15. DVR has moved into her list of top 5 favorite people.

16. Spiders don’t scare her, but my feet do.

17. She can read 3 times as fast as me.

18. She’s so much more than I expected, and that’s saying a lot.

(This is Meredith again--I have still not read them but I noticed he came up with 18. I'm a bad wife.)

Below is a video our photographers put together for us. I put it on youtube, which decreased the picture quality but it's still fun. The tune was our first dance--Jack Johnson's Better Together.

You have stolen my heart, Michael. Love-Merdi


Kaitlin said...

This is the sweetest post, not to mention so funny- I read parts out loud to Steve and he thought it was equally hilarious! Hope the anniversary was very memorable and special!

Susie said...

Your best post!

Leslie said...

So sweet and such a great idea!

Emily said...

Happy late anniversary! Hope you guys had a great one! I loved the post!! u are a great wifey!

Lisa said...

I love the video! I am so glad you shared it. Looks like you guys had a great trip, too. Congrats again!


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