Saturday, November 1, 2008

Exclamation Point Overload!!! (!!!!)

It's a BOY!!

Evan Laymon Besancon
6.4 pounds
19.25 inches

They went to the hospital early this morning and I think he was born at 8:20 pm (give or take a few minutes). :) I have ZERO pictures at the moment but he has 10 fingers, 10 toes, and is a healthy little Besancon boy!!

Michael and I were at a wedding tonight so I had my phone next to me the entire evening. Michael left my side for two minutes to get us some wine and as soon as he walked away I received the text. I was a little bummed but it was fun to break the news to him as soon as he returned.

We are so happy for them! I'm not sure we can wait three weeks to meet our nephew!! Have I mentioned how excited I am to finally be able to SHOP for the little guy?!!



Leslie said...

HOORAY!!!! So exciting. I have a feeling you'll be out shopping today? :)

Lisa said...

So excited for you and the new member of your family! I am glad I could be there to fill in for Michael as he went to go get the completely necessary glasses of wine. You never know when those awkward moments are going to arrise when you just need to drink up quickly!

Melissa McMahan said...

yeah!!! so excited for you!! can't wait to see pictures!! :)


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