Friday, November 14, 2008

Movin' On Up!

Well, Michael and I have a big announcement to make. We wanted to wait until we were sure everything was going to be ok, and we've hit that mark!

We are moving to Los Angeles and pursuing acting careers.

Don't believe me? Well if that's the case, you would be correct. (Although me being pregnant is about as likely as that statement above so if you were thinking that was my big news, think again my friend!)

A member and friend at our church owns his own amazingly awesome advertising abusiness (alliteration--always an answer). He and I have been working on our church's capital campaign dinner and he asked Michael and I to be extras in one of his latest commercials. I was a little iffy on the idea since the filming would be taking place this week and both Michael and I were already busy with work, but he gave me a dollar amount and I suddenly found the time. So Tuesday night we showed up at St. Francis' new heart hospital with no details as to what we would be doing. We found out that Michael was going to be a doctor (hellooooo McDreamy!) and I was going to be his nurse. (I guess I could play the part of Meredith since I already have her name...) They weren't able to find a lab coat for him so we became visitors that walked in the background of the shot. Yes, that means there is a chance you could watch this commercial eleventy-jillion times and never notice us. At one point someone pulled us aside and told us we had serious walking skills and should consider becoming the next Brangelina. Ok, I made that up as well, but whatev. The great news is that Doug said we were so minor in this commercial that he could use us again for other future commercials. That equals more furniture for our house. Thanks to our 30-minute participation on Tuesday, we will be proud owners of a neat console table next week. We're wanting a complete bedroom set so we have about 6 more commercials to go. That might take a while.

In other news, I've been working on the aforementioned capital campaign/celebration dinner for months and we finally had the dinner last night. Attendance was about 500 and I think it went really well! It felt like planning a wedding all over again, albeit a much larger and much older guest list this time around. After working a 14-hour-day I decided today would be better spent at home so that is where I am at the moment. But I shall not stay here long--this weekend is Kaitlin's bachelorette party in St. Louis! Her sister and I have been planning this for several months as well! I'm so excited to see everyone and I hope Kait has a blast. She will be a Mrs. in 2 short months!!

I guess that's it from me. Michael has been busy at work this week so we haven't seen much of each other due to the long work days for both of us. Next week we can rememorize each other's faces. I've forgotten if he has brown hair or blonde. Hardy har.

UPDATE! I'm a wee bit terrified our neighbors read my blog! (Not a chance, but keep reading...) Ever since I wrote my last post, they have yet to turn on their lights or blow up the snow globe! It is still in a pathetic heap on the ground and the rest of the decor is unactive as well. Maybe they have Miracle Ear?! (Does anyone else remember that commercial where they're at a restaurant and two ladies are talking about the man at a nearby table who has a creepy smile on his face?)


Leslie said...

Yay for the console table! (That's the one that will go in your little dining nook, right?). And if your neighbors do read your blog, perhaps you've saved them from purchasing yet another inflatable decoration this Christmas. It's for the best.

Emily said...

ur blog always brings a smile to my face!!!
I know of the commerical! its hilarous:)


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