Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful (Speaking Of Frightful...)

I'm driving home yesterday and as I turn onto our street I notice the house directly across from us. And there it is. You all know "that house," the first one in the neighborhood who boldly steps out and proclaims, "Christmas is upon us and it is time to decorate." (Just a reminder, yesterday was November 9.) I have a big problem with those who break the unwritten rule and decorate before Thanksgiving. I'm just now coming up with my list of things to be thankful for and you've already made your home a landing pad for Santa.

But it's worse than that. Ohhhh it's worse. WARNING!!! If you have a sensitive heart, bow out now.

I'm not a fan of multi-colored lights. They don't go with anything and they make me think you couldn't make up your mind so you just circled (D) "all of the above" in hopes you might get lucky. You answered wrong, pal. I could probably look past the festival of colors but our neighbor's lights have already blown a fuse or something. One or two of them are blinking and about 15 are just burned out completely. Classy, eh?

Moving on. They also have a giant inflatable snow globe. Yeesh. Alright, I am going to admit something that I have never admitted before. I don't mind the snow globes. I actually think the idea is kind of cute. However, I have discovered that these giant beach balls are like tattoos--no one can stop at just one. The first year the family has their fun little snow globe, and then comes year two and and oh dear Lord there's another one. Apparently they need to start separating the girl and boy snow globes. My parents can attest to this--one of their neighbors has 5 (possibly 6) inflatables in their yard. It is quite humorous, albeit tacky, during the night but it looks like pure hell during the day. Each globe lays there all pitiful and deflated and I have to wonder if the neighbors realize their lawn looks like a Christmas graveyard. Say it with me: YEESH.

Alrighty, I am done being Scrooge for the day. I will let you know when Michael and I have put up our decorations and then you can drive by and make fun of our terrible taste. I'm tough, I can take it. :)


katandkarl said...

1. i am in COMPLETE agreement about the too early assertion.

2. i also agree about colored lights - EXCEPT the big ole retro bulb lights. those KINDA make me happy.

3. our neighbors also partake in the snow globe phenomenon. as well as many other blow-up decors for every holiday. currently there is a deflated turkey living next door. kinda sad.

New Dad said...

There's a radio station up here in Chicago that sends out the morning show's manager the week of Thanksgiving, dressed as a pilgrim and riding in a Mayflower truck. His job is to locate the most egregiously decorated house and to pack ALL of the decorations away in his truck, so that they can be stored until after Thanksgiving and then subsequently reset. They've even made kids cry before. Hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

There are several houses in that neighborhood that have the inflatable disease. I am pretty sure I know exactly what house you are talking about. The house across the street from mom is the same way. Oodles of inflatables in one tiny yard. What are they thinking?


Anonymous said...

Wait!! Hold the press!! I have finally seen an inflatable I can live with. I was driving down Kinkead Avenue on the way home when I saw about three children beating a giant sphere with baseball bats. Inside the sphere was a witch, a couple of ghost and the built in fan supported a billion little black bats (the flying mammal type) circling the witch. It looked really cool. I can hardly wait till next halloween to see what else they add. Just gotta get into the spirit I guess.

DAD : )

Susie said...

You should see the hill...
THe "Hampton Inn" down the street is sporting a 40 foot tree complete with lights...November 11.

Lisa said...

We have a house in our neighborhood, we have deemed the "Inflatable House" because they have two-three inflatables for EVERY holiday. And as if to put a crowning glory on the year, they have FIVE inflatables for Christmas. I feel your pain!


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