Monday, February 1, 2010

Time To Catch Up!

Who's ready for a smorgasbord of information? No? Well.... tough.

I'd prepared a 14-page blog post on our weekend trip to Tulsa, which included detailed end notes and even a bibliography, but then I noticed my best friend Kait wrote her own Tulsa blog post and figured... heeeey, why don't I just reference hers? So for a Tulsa recap, please CLICK HERE. (Stupid bibliography.)

Last week was pretty crazy, I spent most of the week at a conference for our company and the other few days desperately trying to catch up. I'm also in the process of obtaining my CRIS certification so I spent a good portion of the weekend studying for that. Raise your hand if you're jealous. Oh come on, not one?

After a delicious dinner with Michael's parents to celebrate their 29th anniversary, Michael and I came home and watched a bit of the Grammy's. I have decided Taylor Swift needs to retire her voice and just stick to writing songs. Her performance fell flat. (Get it? Oh how I adore puns!) I still think she is talented and deserves everything this wonderful life has to give her, but I'm pretty confident 97.9% of America would consider her tone deaf.

And speaking of music... There is a song on the radio that makes me want to jump out of a moving car (or in my case, jump out of a car that moves approx 6 miles per hour due to Dallas traffic). I actually think the song is kind of catchy, but the lyrics. Oh my God the LYRICS. Let's take a look at the chorus.

You make me smile like the sun (Do suns smile? Whatev, we'll let this one slide.)
Fall out of bed, sing like bird (Fall out of bed? Where did that come from? It doesn't even make sense!)
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night (The only people I know who are crazy on a Sunday night are college freshmen.)
You make me dance like a fool (embarrassing)
Forget how to breathe (lame)
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee (Ok, this is where I literally shouted to the dashboard, "Buzz like a bee?! You've GOT to be KIDDING me!" What does this have to do with anything? And who shows their love by buzzing like a bee? I HATE BEES!)
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile (Who can smile when there's a chance of bees? I HATE BEES!)

After hearing this song, I seriously considered quitting my third job (in one year) and becoming a lyricist. The only thing that could make this song worse is if Taylor Swift sang it live. GEESH.

One last thing. Right now on facebook the rage is to change your profile picture to a celebrity you've been told you look like. Here is the abridged version of "celebrities" Michael has been told he resembles...

And here is the extended version of "celebrities" I've been told I look like.

Life? Is not fair.


Kaitlin said...

Hahahahahaha! You def do not resemble Stephanie Tanner...I doubt you ever did, but I still burst out laughing at the reference :) And, I could not agree more about Taylor Swift. The girl sure can write, but she is always SO flat when I hear her live...makes my skin crawl.

katandkarl said...

bibliography. snicker. what a great word.

ty said...

archuleta and tanner, sitting in a tree ... bahahahaha.

i asked the expert opinion of my sister, and she DEF said archuleta.

Cari said...

Hahaha! Stephanie Tanner was awesome! You should stand proud knowing that you looked like a girl who was idolized by every girl her age in 1990 :) I've also seen a Harriet from Small Wonder and a Punky Brewster on a couple of people's fb pages. Hilarious.

Leslie said...

I have to say, even more than Stephanie Tanner I was laughing at the comparison of Michael and David Archuletta!

Jax said...

hahahahah! You don't look like Stephanie Tanner! I agree on Taylor's performance.. I was kinda bummed out.. blah. If you're gonna ACTUALLY sing, at least do it well. At least Brit doesn't try to actually use her voice.. haha! :) Good luck on the test! Loved the Tulsa pics and recap on Kait's blog! Looks like ya'll had a blast! :)

The Emerson's said...

fun fun fun random post ;) I nearly peed my pants at your refernece to stephanie tanner! ha! You SO don't look like her, which made it even funnier! Good luck on your test, I am sure you will do great!

I couldn't agree more on your grammy's recap. I love me some taylor on the ipod, just not for real!

Emily said...

meredith, i'm a bit of a blog stalker, and always read yours but never comment. so i wanted to let you know that i had a rough day, and your post made me laugh out loud multiple times. mostly the celebrity look alike part. so thank you! :) i needed it!

Meredith said...

Emily--I'm not sure you'll ever see my reply but thanks for your sweet post. :) I'm glad this post could cheer you up a bit, even if it's because I look like Stephanie Tanner. Haha!

Page said...

I cannot stand that song either. It makes my skin crawl. What does "buzz like a bee" mean?! I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way about that song.


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