Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bigfoot Called.... He Wants His Shoes Back

Over the past five years Michael's feet have been the subject of much discussion and ridicule. They are, oh how do I put it? SO BIG. In his defense, everyone in my family has pretty small feet so that's all I've ever known. My mom's are so small that she sometimes has trouble balancing (at least that's what we blame it on) and I usually wear a 7, which I've been told is pretty wee for someone 5'7. But Michael's feet enter a room a good 8 seconds before the rest of him.

And I love nothing more than to make fun of those poor, innocent feet. For instance, he has a pair of bright red shoes and every time he wears them I take a cue from McDonalds and sing, "You'll always have a friend wearing big red shoooooooes!" I also love the fact that he uses a shoehorn so whenever I witness the act I loudly proclaim, "Foghorn Shoehorn!" He halfway laughed the first 12 times. Now he just shakes his head.

(My inspiration: Foghorn Leghorn)

I'm also a little scared of his feet because they have caused me much anxiety and pain. It takes only two of his shoes to crowd a doorway and I never look down when I walk. I've taken many, MANY tumbles due to his heavy footwear. Shoes: 15 Meredith: 0

So it only makes sense that his Valentine's Day gift was a new pair of shoes. You might not find that romantic, but it's the closest thing to a peace offering I could give. They're from one of our favorite stores in Dallas and he wears them as often as he can. Thanks to this crappy weather they've been sitting in our closet but I know they will make their appearance again soon enough. And for the perceptive type, you are right, Valentine's Day is not until tomorrow and I mentioned he's already worn them quite a bit. We continued our tradition of opening gifts early--I'm just thrilled we made it all the way to February. Baby steps, people. (FYI: One step of Michael's is equivalent to 43 baby steps.)

And I'm done making fun of my darling husband's feet. At least... for today. :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Kaitlin said...

hahah, gotta love their "boats!"

Jax said...

Awww haha.. Happy Valentines Day! :) I wouldnt dare buy Eric shoes.. He's particular about what he thinks is comfortable. I think he's bananas. I'm so jealous of your smaller feet! My feet are 8.5 or 9 and I'm 5'7, too! Remember when Doc Martens were popular? Okay they made everyone's feet look big so picture me as an awkwardly skinny high schooler in huge shoes. Awesome. haha.. :)


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