Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Talk

Those of you who've been with me from the beginning (bless your hearts) know a few things about me.

1. I'm happily married and have a daughter (cat) whose BMI is off the charts.
2. I love cheese. And a good pun.
3. I'm not afraid to make fun of myself. (Mostly because it's so easy.)

Something I hope you know about me is that I'm a Christian with unbreakable faith. I don't talk about it much on here because it's personal to me and I'm not one to broadcast such things. Is that a cop-out? Maybe so. But today is different.

I grew up going to church--attended most Sunday and Wednesday services. One thing I've never really experienced, however, is hearing God's voice. Some of my friends hear God telling them to go to the bathroom (slight exaggeration) but usually the voice I hear is what I consider my conscience talking. "Meredith, don't buy those jeans, they'll make your butt look big." Or perhaps that is God and if so, I'm glad to know he has a sense of humor. :)

Last night I was lying in bed listening to Thumbs snore and was praying about some issues that have been bothering me lately. Nothing I care to get into and nothing particularly interesting, but issues nonetheless. And for the first time that I can remember, I heard him.

"Cling to me."

Three simple words that formed one simple statement that led to two simple tears.

"Cling to me."

I said it to myself several times before I realized this command would literally and figuratively bring me closer to the One I so desperately want to hear. After all, how can you learn from someone if you're nowhere near them?

"Cling to me."

Not "hold on to me." Not "stand next to me." But CLING to me--something you do when you lack all strength and don't trust yourself to stand alone.

I went to bed with a calm heart, understanding I could always find comfort and stability in him. It doesn't mean these issues will disappear. And you know what? They might get worse. But knowing that I don't have to go at it alone is powerful. And for that... and for him... I am so grateful.


katandkarl said...

You are brave to share and I adore your post title.

Kristi said...

I love this. I feel the same way about broadcasting my faith. I'm more private also. This made me tear up too. What a great message. Thank you for sharing!!

Mrs. A said...

love love love this post!! I hesistate to share sometimes too but then I think how my interactions with my faith might be the only form some people see it in. Awesome post!!

Suzanne said...

Oh Meredith I really needed to hear something like this. Thank you.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful message...I love that in His ministering to you, you can in turn minister to others through this.

The Emerson's said...

I love this. It is refreshing to hear someone so honest and true. such a powerful message -- thank you for sharing :)

Heather said...

He loves his daughter! :)


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