Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Dream Is Wish Your Hungry Stomach Makes...

I have never had a problem remembering my dreams. Most, in fact, are so realistic that I have to ask myself if they actually happened.

My latest recurring dream has been my high school class reunion. I'm right in the middle of planning it so l think about it randomly throughout the day and often before I go to sleep. So I halfway expect the dreams. But they're so weird.

Let's back up a bit. I have school-related dreams quite often and there are two that I have had at least 100 times. In both cases I wasn't present when the real event happened.

For instance, at the end of my junior year I ran for senior class president. After the first election there was a run-off between me and another classmate. If I remember correctly, I left right after my speech to go on an out-of-town college visit so I found out I'd won by a call on my gigantor cell phone. To this day I still have the dream that I'm running for class president (how embarrassing) and I have to make a big speech in front of 500 classmates. I always wake up before I find out if I win.

In college I skipped class. A lot. My brother and I figured out that I skipped more classes in one week than he did his entire four years. In my dream it's halfway through the semester and I'm about to have a midterm in a class, only to find out I've never even gone to that class. The teacher has no idea who I am. And I have no idea what the class is about. Thank the Lord, I always wake up before I find out how that one ends.

Alright, back to my reunion dreams. Most are pretty normal but the past two have taken place in our neighborhood grocery store. It is the most bizarre thing. And what makes it even stranger is the reunion is a HUGE hit. People are having a blast and I'm walking up and down the aisles with a big grin on my face. In one of the dreams I'm in charge of the assorted cheese section. As some of my friends pointed out, what's not to love? All of the food and beverage your heart desires--nothing beats that! But it does make me wonder why the heck my dream's location can't be somewhere cooler. I'm such a nerd.

So we'll see how it goes. 4 more months before the real reunion is here and I hope everyone has as much fun at this one as they had in the bread aisle.

And if not, I know what to do in 2020.


Page said...

I have almost the same dream about college. My dream is about my Philosophy class that I literally went to 6 times. In the dream I am about to graduate college and I find out that I skipped my Phil. final. I always wake up and am convinced it really happened.

Bubba said...

Yee-haw! It's a class ree-union at the local Wal-Mart y'all! Meet me by dem taters up front. I hired one-a dem jug bands from Poteau!

Leslie said...

Well, in the unlikely scenerio that the reunion is a total bust, I'll meet you in the ladies room and we'll make a break for the nearest Harps. Pretty sure Harps sells wine too. ;)

Jax said...

I still love this dream stuff even tho I read it on fbook too.. haha..

Mine was held at the Sparks Aviation clubhouse. okay, seriously.. who planned that? Maybe a hotel or even ACAC, but Sparks?! What the hey? haha.. I'd take a grocery store over that any day.


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