Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekends <-- Love them

Picture me in a super cute outfit and adorable shoes (because what I'm really wearing is an utter disgrace), reaching out to each of you and giving you a HUGE hug. Thanks for all of the sweet comments on my last post. I'm not sure if it was your comments, the sunny weather, or perhaps the gummy vitamins I took that night before bed, but I woke up the next morning and Mr. Bluebird was back on my shoulder where he rightfully belonged.

Add to that a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends and I'm walking on sunshine. (Let's see how many song references I can make in one post. Song count thus far: 2) My parents came down for the weekend so mom could enjoy her Christmas gift from us: an eyebrow tutorial at the Nordstrom spa. Yes, you read that right. We had a wonderful time and our eyebrows could not be prouder. Dad and Michael could not be more skeptical. Eh, what can you do.

We also went to a baby shower for Lindsey and soon-to-be daughter Eleanor, and saw all sorts of adorable baby girl apparel. I always think I want a boy and then I see the ruffles, the swimsuits, and the light pink baby Uggs... and my voice jumps up three octaves as I squeal and become Team Girl to the max. It was great to catch up with so many girls Michael met in high school--they were all so sweet and welcoming to us when we were movin' on up (song count: 3) to Dallas. AND! I turned about four shades of red because I found out about several new readers to the ol' blog. So hello to each of you, I will try my hardest not to let you down.

Last night Michael and I put on our imaginary aprons and cooked TWO meals to add to our growing list. One "meal" was actually a cake, but it took so much time (and butter) that we decided it deserved its own space. Dad was sweet enough to take some pictures of the chefs in action working with Mr. Salmon. Mom tried to help but I finally told her, "You can't touch this" (song count: 4... and I'm done--this is ridiculous) so she backed off. Wonderful evening, and after an official vote we all agreed both meals were "Better."

Dad asked for us to get in the picture together and I didn't really know what to do.
So I acted uber excited about Michael's culinary skillz.

Excited to start a new week with a better attitude! Alright, I'm off to eat 500-calories-per-slice cake. And yes, that sound you hear is my waistline begging for mercy.


Suzanne said...

That is such a cute picture of you and Michael. Love it! What kind of cake did you make? MMMM...cake!

The Emerson's said...

YAY! So glad you are feeling better! You and Michael are so adorable in your imaginary aprons :)

p.s. the pasta looks so yum!!

Leslie said...

"Mr. Bluebird was back on my shoulder where he belonged." Love it. And I hope that the cake was everything you dreamed of...nothing worse than slaving away on a homemade cake only to be greeted with disappointment. Especially for someone who loves cake as much as you! How was it?

Jax said...

You and Michael are so cute "imaginary aprons"-love it. :) and sorry to say I've been all behind on blogger so just now read your previous post. Glad things are looking up now but I feel ya and I'm not even married.. what I'm saying is lately I've felt bad giving even just my dog my leftovers.. haha.. Seriously. So I couldn't imagine.

Anyway, glad no matter what, you've got fabulous eyebrows!(love that you had an eyebrow tutorial).

And ps.. where on earth do you find your gummy vitamins?! I really want some for reals and can't find any that aren't flinstones.. which I'm not opposed to. Just thought I'd ask. haha.. :)

Erin said...

It was so good seeing you, I am so glad you and your mom came to the shower! I bet you had a blast at your eyebrow thingy ;) So fun!

Jen said...

Just found your blog; it is so cute! You have a new follower :)


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