Saturday, January 2, 2010

Raise Your Hand If You Like Pictures! (And No Need To Read This Post If You Don't!)

Here are some Christmas pictures. I know it's already 2010 but it's been a busy week! And before you say, "Holy cow Meredith, that's a lot of pictures," please keep in mind I had to choose from over 300. Yes, 300. Ridiculous right?? Welcome to our family.

I am a bit behind in blog reading, which is why many of you haven't heard from me since last year (HAAAARDY HAR) but I plan to devote the next 40 hours (or so) to blog reading/commenting. You have been warned.

(In absolutely no particular order....)

Evan in his "lounge-wear" (special thanks to Julie for the name...)
Not posed

We decided to take a family picture. 6 adults, 1 little boy, and 1 cat is ROUGH. First, a few outtakes. Keywords: Justin & Michelle
Keywords: Meredith & Thumbs
Keyword: Evan (Thumbs is looking pretty rough but that is her mom's fault)
FINALLY! (Thumbs didn't make the final cut but at that point none of us cared. Maybe next year!)

Evan loved Thumbs. Thumbs loves no one. Every time Evan came close to Thumbs I had to put my hand over Thumbs' face so she didn't see Evan. The Haynes' family future is looking a bit bleak.

My sweet Aunt Carolyn and Evan!

Christmas morning...

Every single one of these girls has a blog. I should link to all of them but man, I'm tired. (So great to see all of you!!!)

The end. :)


Melissa McMahan said...

great pictures girl! wish i could have made the mantle photo - maybe next year :)

Leslie said...

Love the reject family photos! Maybe next year, Thumbs. And I must say that we girls get better with age!

Jax said...

Love the photos...all of them! And Thumbs pics had me laughing out loud literally...from the one where she was looking rough while you were holding her to where you had to cover her face with Evan.. aww..haha.. Speaking of Evan=I can't believe how big he's getting and I only see him through pics on here.. sheesh! I think that all the time with all my friends' babies.. It's just astounding how quickly it happens! Looks like a fab time, lovely! Happy 2010!

Julie Caroline said...

Glad little E approves of his lounge wear. He is sooo cute! I'm glad I got to see him in person over Christmas and you too! Also love the mantle/nut cracker pictures of 2009. You should devote an entire photo album to mantle pics.

ty said...

lovelovelove your picture obsession.

Laura said...

I always like looking at other peoples' that weird?

Thumbs is my cat's slightly fluffier older sister. Seriously.(Is Thumbs a girl?)

Evan is extrEMEly cute!


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