Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Piano Man AND A Rocket Man?! NO WAY!

A few things I'm pretty happy about...

Elton John and Billy Joel are coming to Tulsa! I like Billy Joel... I ADORE Elton John. I saw him in concert a few years ago in Vegas and talked about it for months. As soon as I returned home I bought his greatest hits cd. Unfortunately, I did not read the cover and it was all live music. I hate (recorded) live music. I do not want to hear screaming girls. I do not want to hear the audience singing your song while you're yelling, "Louder! I can't hear you!" in the microphone. I do not want the inevitable muffled sound because you aren't in a recording studio. Anywho, I think I listened to the cd once and then went back to Best Buy to buy the studio recorded cd. Wow, long story when all I really wanted to say was, "Elton John and Billy Joel are coming to Tulsa!"

God BLESS our garage. After many years of dealing with apartment and college parking lots, I am loving my car's warm little nook. After work yesterday I spent several minutes clearing the ice off of the car so it was nice to be able to just jump in the car and drive to work this morning. Seriously folks, if you do not have a garage, get one!

Our new buffet! Michael and I have loved this buffet for three long years. Each time we went in Pottery Barn we would walk by to see if it was on sale or the floor sample was for sale. When we bought our house we noticed the indentation in the eating area and realized the buffet we'd been looking at for years fit perfectly in the space. This year we decided we would buy the buffet as our Christmas present to each other. My parents thought it was a great idea so their gift to us was money to put towards the buffet. It was delivered last night and I couldn't stop staring at it. I immediately put our one red bottle of wine in the wine rack. It looks a bit lonely but he'll soon have some (er.. many) friends.

My picture is so dark... Here's what it looks like when a professional takes the picture:

My nephew! Michelle sent us an email yesterday and said Evan weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 1 ounce at his last checkup! He is a BEAST! He now weighs what Justin weighed at birth and is only 1 pound shy of what Merd "fat ass/the biggest baby in the entire hospital" Besancon weighed! His legs are definitely fattening up as well as his stomach. Mom and I picked up a few newborn outfits while we were in Chicago and he's almost outgrown them. Next thing we know he'll be shopping in the men's department. Gah, they grow up so fast.

Another Christmas memory...
Growing up, my family always drove to my aunt Carolyn's house in North Little Rock for Thanksgiving and Christmas. One year I was given this awesome Play-Doh set, which came with tools to make burgers and fries (and we all wonder why I had a weight problem when I was little). I created the greatest looking cheeseburger the world had ever seen, complete with bun, burg, pickles and cheese. You name it, my burger had it. I put it on a plate with some fries and presented it to my grandma. I was so proud. I turned to get my mom's attention and immediately heard multiple gasps and a "Mom, NO!" from the crowd. I slowly turned back around and poor grandma had sunk her teeth into my delicious Play-Doh burg. While I was mostly mortified, a small part of me considered dropping out of second grade and going into the burger business. Can you picture it:

Meredith, age 7 (still holding onto that dreadful lisp): "Do you want fwies with that?"

Let's sing it together... "Yooooou, light up my liiiiiife...."


Heather said...

Aww, there's nothing cuter than a new baby in Christmas clothes. I really wanted to buy Andrew some more of the cute baby's 1st Christmas clothes, but they don't make it in 24 month sizes for baby's wanting to fake another first Christmas.

The buffet looks awesome!

Haley Nicodemus said...

Kara (Kyle's sister) and her husband saw Elton John in Vegas and said it is by far one of her most favorite memories. I'm not a fan of the live music either.

Love the buffet. We actually considered that one for a really long time before we found the one we bought. We didn't have a Pottery barn then and the shipping on their furniture is outrageous!

That picture of Thumbs is awesome!

Leslie said...

So Elton came to OKC when we lived there 4 years ago. And Jon said I could go. And for some reason, I didn't. And I have regretted it ever since! And BILLY JOEL!!! Love it. Wonder if their coming to Memphis?

And the buffet looks fablous. Next time I visit I'm bringing a bottle of wine to round out the collection.

Emily said...

ok.. love the baby pictures and your buffet is beautiful:) Cant wait till i can see it in person:) we must hang out sooN:)!!

John and Amber said...

Cute nephew! I thought you may be interested... John's dad is engaged! We are so happy for him. He's known this lady for like 30 yrs! Anyways, I love all your posts. Amber


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