Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Church Bells (Constantly) Ring, Are You Listening?

I am useless. Worthless. A piece of crap. I can't do anything today. I have what Michael calls a Holiday Hangover. I didn't have a stressful holiday... I barely did anything for crying out loud. But I have spent the morning staring at my computer and my mind refuses to do anything productive.

So instead, a few thoughts from yours truly...

1. Thanks to Thanksgiving, I look like this guy...

My arms and legs are still pretty stick-like but I have a definite gut. If I look closely at my stomach, I can see the outline of a turkey leg. Or is that mashed potatoes? Either way, it is UBER attractive, let me tell you.

2. I am confused with the BCS rankings. OU beat Texas and is most likely going to the National Championship. But if I remember correctly, both teams have lost one game and the one team OU lost to was.... Texas. So... I'm not saying this because I'm married to a Texas fan (love you, dear!) but I really don't understand their math. It's bad math--BAD MATH! :)

3. I just found out Britney Spears is going on tour. I'll admit it--I looked up her tour dates to see if she was coming to Tulsa. She is not. There is a slight chance I would've bought tickets if she came here. There is a great chance I would've worn a ski mask at the concert so no one would know it was me.

4. Michael and I are going to pick out our tree tonight! We're going big this year (and by big I mean at least 6 inches taller than last year's tree). We have the stand in place, the skirt is ready, all we need is the giant beast of green. Can't wait.

5. On a similar topic, Michael and I both went Christmas shopping (separately) for each other last night. Keep in mind we live in Tulsa, which is not enormous but has a population of more than 45. I'd been to 3 stores already and was at Target picking up a small item. I slowed down by the scarf/jewelry section (for my own interest--I did not buy Michael earrings). I looked up and saw an attractive man staring back at me. Before I could say anything the attractive man and I both shoved our gifts behind our backs because of course that attractive man was my husband standing 10 feet away from me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We both awkwardly walked to 2 different checkout counters all the while covering the coveted items. He left first and then I made a quick escape. So much for shopping alone.

Alrighty. I hope you are all happily working and getting things done. That shall be my goal for the week--get one thing done. I think I can manage.


Leslie said...

Love the Target moment...hilarious.

Susie said...

Good luck on the tree! Every live tree that we (I) picked out was at least 3 feet taller than our ceiling. Your dad ALWAYS had to chop 2-3 feet off of the top/bottom to squeeze it into the den/living room of whichever house we lived in at the time. :)
Happy hunting!

Michael said...

Great job on the tree. You picked a winner!

Haley Nicodemus said...

I can't believe you guys ran into each other while shopping! Too Funny! AND - I would totally go see B Spears in concert. I'll have to look her up!

Emily said...

1. i am confused too by the ou- texas thing.. ugh ou---
2. im sure there is no gut.. but the comment about seeing a turkey leg got me rolling.. my dad from the next office was like.. what are you laughing at... oh you know.. not working and reading blogs!ha..
3. I think being in the christmas season has made me not want to work.. at all:) ha!
4... have fun christmas tree shopping!!

Rachel Stafford said...

Hi Meredith!

Well, I've also been stalking your blog for a while now (don't remember how I found it)...so I'm glad we finally came clean about that one :)

Glad to see you are doing so well! I love your stories...hilarious!


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