Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Laborious Weekend

I received hundreds of emails from all of you begging me to start each blog entry with an ode, so I suppose I shall.


Just kidding. I do appreciate you being patient with my last one, it's something I love to do on any given day. Moving on. The weekend (for the most part) was great! We had about 20 people over on Sunday night to meet our new Associate Pastor Ryan and his wife Heather. They are a fantastic couple and I'm really excited to have another YOUNG assoc. pastor at our church! The day started off great with church at 9:30 and a quick lunch. Michael and I lounged around the house until 2p and decided it was time to start the master cleaning. It's a little silly to clean your house only to have to clean it again once everyone leaves, but I'm not really the type to brag about my dust collection. So we cleaned, Michael mowed (I checked but did not need to bring out the trusty scissors), and all was fine and dandy. At about 4:45 I drove to the grocery store to pick up some beverages and gave Michael H. a call to make sure everything was good to go. Told him I'd see him at 6p and he said "Oh the party starts at 5:30p." Scccciiiireeet (that is the sound of the DJ scratching the record and everyone becoming silent). I looked at my watch, realized I still had quite a bit to do at the house and then looked down and realized I still had quite a bit to do with myself as well. Neon pink running shorts with a neon blue DG shirt wasn't really party attire.

So I sped to Wal-mart, sprinted through the aisles to find the drinks, and as luck would have it, I picked the cart with the one bad wheel that constantly wanted to go RIGHT instead of straight. Catch up with Target and their awesome carts, you morons! I grabbed the drinks and headed to the check-out lady. And this was where I got a bit peeved. She looked at me and my neon colored ensemble as I sheepishly muttered "hello." No response. The silent treatment. What happened to the bouncing smiley face they show on the commercials? She scanned my items, gave me a look with the beer (judge away, my friend, judge away...) and then pointed to the credit card machine. Afterwards she handed me my receipt and looked away. Never said a word! I thanked her and said goodbye and still she said nothing. Maybe she had a terrible day. Maybe she lost her voice. Or worse yet, maybe she has a man-voice and didn't want me to know about it. Still. How rude.

Manically drove home, threw the drinks in the fridge and ran to the shower. By the time I finished drying and straightening my hair, I was sweating again. Annoying. As I was putting on my necklace and shoes the doorbell rang (Michael was still in the shower) and the first guests arrived. There was a 10-minute lull and then the rest of the guests arrived at the same time. I had a great time once my breathing slowed down! They all stayed for several hours and when all the guests had left, we were beat. Went to sleep pretty early and both woke up Monday morning to horrible allergies. That being said, I stayed in bed the entire day and read 1.5 books. I mumbled a few times that this was a lousy way to spend our day off but had I been completely well I probably would have done the exact same thing. Such an exciting life I lead.

I'm not going to go into the whole political thing because I've determined it is the black hole of death, but I will say the next few months are going to be extremely exciting. I told Michael the other day that I was looking forward to watching the debates with him and he immediately replied, "Oh I'm not going to watch them with you. Not a chance." "What? But you're my husband!" "Exactly! Not a chance!" So I promised him I would keep all comments of "Dear God you're ancient!" and "Barack you're my boy!" to myself. My only compromise is that I can roll my eyes occasionally (which he will only see if he chooses to see it). I'll let you know how it goes.

Karen and Myers are staying with us this weekend! I am counting on us both being 100% better so we're not sneezing all over our company. I haven't seen them in awhile and I'm really looking forward to it!

Loving the new Prius. I wanted to name it so we put our heads together and decided on "Prius." Aren't you glad my job is to be creative each and every day? Regardless, it's great to drive and I'm already looking forward to the day in the distant future when I fill it up with gas and discover the mpg (glooorious math)! The result might just call for another ode.


Lisa said...

I loved your ode...I say keep 'em coming!

Leslie said...

Jonathan and I are the same way with politics...and unfortunately he "gets" the issues a bit better than I do (mostly the economics) so then I'm left going, "Yeah, well...McCain is OLD!"


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