Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Not In College Anymore...

Emily and Jake came to Tulsa this weekend! I knew it was going to be 2 nights of staying up late so I was a wee bit nervous, but we had a wonderful time.

Friday night we met up at Kreston's house, had a few drinks and headed to In the Raw for sushi. Afterwards we walked across the street to Brookside bar. Kait and Steve rode with us and we had a nice laugh when we left the bar. I unlocked the doors and as we got in all four of us either sighed with relief or groaned from back aches, knee aches, etc. Conclusion: We. Are. Old.

Saturday morning Michael went to a Juvenile Diabetes Fun Walk (a grandiose 1.5 mile walk around a neighborhood) and the rest of us ate at BBD. Afterwards the girls took a tour of the Snider and Haynes residences as well as a nice walk around Utica Square.

And then I experienced my very first TU tailgate (yes, that is sad). We set up around 3p (TU's official tailgate area is amazing!) and spent the rest of the evening under our tent, cheering on the Golden Hurricane (it's so fun to cheer for a team that's actually good)! Around 7:30 we cleaned up, had dinner at El Guapo and walked across the street to McNellies.

A very fun weekend indeed. I spent most of Sunday in bed, lamenting my old age and rickedy bones. Went to the grocery store to pick up some food for the week and dessert for our small group last night. Got a sudden burst of energy around 10:30p and Michael grumbled about what a bear I would be in the morning due to lack of sleep (he was right).

I didn't take one picture this weekend. Others did so I'll post them when I get them.

In other news, Jeremiah (my fish) tried to commit suicide this morning. I was cleaning his bowl and he dived to his death in the sink. I kept trying to throw him back in the bowl but he would not have it. Eventually I was able to grab the little guy and place him in his glass bowl of emotion and he calmed down. What is it with my pets? Jeremiah wants to die, and Thumbs wants to explore the great outdoors. Is this a sign that kids are not for me? I'm not sure I can handle my 5-year-old packing his/her bags and leaving me for greener pastures.

I have bangs now. I didn't have much choice, the straightener had done a number on them so I requested them from the stylist (she does a better job cutting them than the straightener--no surprise there). My right arm is getting strong from constantly pushing them to the side and I'm sure I look like I have some weird disorder with the way I keep shaking my head to get them out of my eyes when the right arm is already in in right now. The best thing about them? They cover my wrinkle between my eyes. So I finally found the answer and it is not botox. Needles might be the creepiest things ever so good riddance to them.

I'm out.


katandkarl said...

tee hee. i like your description of coming out of the bar.... i feel old b/c when i come out of a bar, i sigh a big sigh of relief i can hear again, i stink like cigarette smoke (and notice it) and am not begging someone to drive me through taco bell or what-a-burger.

breakfast toquito anyone?

Leslie said...

You are not alone. If you recall our Boston trip, I was pooped every night by midnight! So sad. It's gotta be something really good to keep me up these days (lucky for you, best friends from high school fall into that "really good" category!).


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