Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'm right in the middle of cleaning up for a small group party tonight, but thought I'd share some news. But first, an ode:

Oh Jeep Liberty with your dark blue hue,
Through thick or thin, I've always had you.
Your poor gas mileage, your dark interior,
Always made your owner feel a bit inferior.
You drove 60,000 without ever sputterin'
Although that flat tire had me mutterin'.
First one chip, then two, and finally three,
Yet your windshield stayed true to its owner (that's me)!
It's time I bid you one last farewell,
As you sit in your space in used car lot hell.
I know you will find a new owner in time,
But I doubt that new owner has my kind of rhyme.
They're also pretty dumb since your mpg is 17,
Nevermind that, because to them you're supreme.
My new little friend has moved in rather quickly,
But I shan't say much as it might make you sickly.
So goodbye, take care, and know with elation,
I'll think of you each time I pass the gas station.

RIP Jeep Liberty: November 2002 - August 29, 2008

Say hello to my new friend! Dark grey Prius!


Nick, Aubrey, & Ella Mae said...

Stellar mpgs AND it's dark grey! Congrats on the new addition to the family. :)

Melissa McMahan said...

Ha. LOVE the should read my last post; funny and ironic :)It's funny when your car breaks down and the only thing you can afford is a beautiful, newer, big SUV. Something's wrong here!

Bubba said...

Congrats on the new purchase! Did the car come with a better license plate than what you had on the Jeep? That Oklahoma-type just doesn't belong! :)

Everybody sing:

"I love what you do for me! To-yo-ta!"

Anonymous said...

Grey is SO you color!

Heather said...

Shut up!!! :) Come and take me for a drive sometime.

Emily said...

you are the cutest meredith!
congrats on your new car:)
You are great at ryhyming:)

jules said...

I know a few of your other past cars that could use some ode lovin. RIP Lebarron. RIP Geo Tracker. Man you rocked back in the day lol.


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