Monday, August 18, 2008

Green Yards Are Prettier Than Brown Yards

A few highlights from the weekend...

1. Watched multiple hours of the Olympics. I know everyone says Michael Phelps is their hero, and yes, the boy (man?) is magnificent. However, I am uber impressed with Dara Torres. She is incredible! And it's not just her age, she appears to be a nice, GOOD lady. I love that type of athlete (I should, I live with one). In other Olympic news, let's all say it together...

Feel the rhythm!
Feel the rhyme!
Get on up!
It's bobsled (er... running) time!

Of course I wanted us to win but way to go Jamaica!! Most of you know my love for that country, which can be credited to the movie Cool Runnings. I do not think the men and women need to concern themselves with a bobsled this time around!

2. After staying up pretty late on Friday night, I slept in until 11a. WHAT?! I think I could have slept longer but that would have been rude. It was magnificent.

3. Michael and I had "date night" on Saturday. Went to Ale House on the Riverwalk (delicious!) and then saw Pineapple Express. Probably shouldn't have seen it. And probably shouldn't have laughed out loud multiple times. Oops.

4. Went to church yesterday morning and spent the afternoon at Utica Square as well as running some errands. Evening was spent putting together some newly purchased bookcases. Our office is the eyesore in our home and we're doing our best to remedy the situation.

5. Saturday afternoon Michael mowed the yard and I cut the grass... with scissors. Yes, scissors. We don't have a true edger and it was getting a little jungle-ish around our flowerbed. Michael couldn't reach the area with the lawn mower so I gave our yard a haircut. Each time I heard a car turn on our street I immediately dropped the scissors and acted like I was pulling weeds. One of the cars stopped in front of our yard and I knew I'd been caught. I turned around with a sheepish grin and the friendly couple asked me my thoughts on our neighborhood. Turns out they're wanting to put an offer on the house next to us! Hooray for neighbors! The home has been for sale for as long as we've lived here and it's about time it had some occupants! We had a friendly chat and then they drove away. The cutting resumed.

6. Speaking of, I know you've been dying for another yard update. Below are 6 pictures. First 3 were taken the first week of May. Last 3 were taken this weekend. It's pretty incredible what 3 months of TLC and professional lawncare can do to your yard. My favorite part is the back. When the first pictures were posted on the blog, I mentioned how easy it was to tell where our yard stopped and theirs began. You can still see the line but only because our lawn is now GREENER than our neighbors. Victory!!

Time to wrap things up. After my last post, I received zero comments and a worried phone call from my mom. Hope I didn't scare you, it really was more of an "I'm so happy with my life as it is" and not a "Memoirs of an unhappy adolescent" post. Perhaps I should wait until I've eaten before I ever write again.


slbesancon said...

let's hear it for cheezy tator tots...cheezy gordito crunch...fried mac 'n cheese...fried okra
That's my girl!

JB said...

But has the yard received the Thumbs Seal of Approval yet?

Leslie said...

The new lawn looks fabulous...I want to come back for a visit, lay a blanket on the lawn and have a picnic. And by picnic I mean "eat lots of cheese and bread." Whadya say?


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