Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy day!

Another busy weekend! Today is going to be crazy since I'm off the rest of the week so this post shall be short.

Friday night--Ram-A-Palooza! We had a great time! Michael and I get picked on for always being the first guests to leave but we pretty much outlasted everyone Friday night. The reason? We were the Ram-A-Palooza Beer Pong CHAMPIONS! It was quite ridiculous, we've played a few times before and were always pretty pathetic. We lost the first game and then went undefeated the rest of the night (you play until you lose). Hence us being there pretty late. Great times. Rami will be missed at Samson!

Rami posing next to his sign...

This picture makes me smile--I love it!

Heidi and I (in the middle of a laugh):

Getting ready to play another round of beer pong::


Beer pong champions!

Saturday I drove to Fayetteville to visit Jen, Cameron, Melissa, and Lincoln (who is still presiding in Melissa's belly). We were at the restaurant for 4 hours! It was great to see them both!

Can you guess which one of us is pregnant? Because based upon this picture, I'd say myself. Guess that isn't the most flattering shirt... :(


Melissa and baby Lincoln!

Wish I could elaborate but my to-do list is quite ridiculous. We are REALLY excited about San Diego tomorrow! If I could sum it up in a few words:

High today in Tulsa: 105 degrees
High today in San Diego: 75 degrees

Get me on that plane!

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