Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Smorgasbord

A few updates:
1. The week is (already) almost over! When you take off Monday, come to work late on Wednesday, and only work a half day on Friday, it flies by pretty quickly!

2. I have had confirmation from at least 5 people that my hair is not green. And I have been keeping my office door closed until I know there are more than 3 of us in the building. Creeper...

3. My arm is no longer red, the meds have brought me back to life, and we had a blast hanging out with Allison and Ro. They came in Tuesday evening around 6p and the 4 of us along with Kait and Steve had some sushi at In the Raw. Afterwards we went to Freckles for dessert and talked about some pretty disgusting things. Very fun, and very funny evening. Last night Michael and I went to a youth program and saw some of our J-Life kids. I have decided I LOVE 6th-8th graders. They are hilarious and (most of them) are really great kids. We are used to being around 6-10 kids but there were about 25 of them last night. A little overwhelming at first but fun nonetheless.

A few thoughts...
1. Are you ever minding your own business and then you think about something that is going to happen in the near future and literally get a burst of excitement? I thought that feeling was reserved for kids going to Disney World but I still get those bursts and they are quite fabulous. I think it is a blessing that I have such a forgetful mind, otherwise I would not have the pleasure of rediscovering an upcoming event and getting all giddy with excitement.

2. Speaking of rediscovery, I had a moment last night of deja vu that I wanted to share. I have become a big fan of apples with peanut butter. I typically cut up the apple, stick the pieces in a bowl, and add a spoonful of peanut butter to the side of the bowl. Easy enough. I noticed yesterday that I eat TINY amounts of peanut butter on each of the slices so the last few slices of apple can have mounds of the goodness. I smiled when I remembered I used to do this with Handi-Snacks too. (Oh PLEASE tell me you remember these?) I would use the tiniest amount of processed cheese on the first few crackers and then load up the final 2 with gobs of the orange mystery substance. So I guess those jerky neighbors were right--I AM a hoarder afterall.

3. Michael and I had a very serious discussion last night during dinner. I asked him who he felt (between the two of us) was the bigger dork. He immediately said he thought it was himself. But I am quite confident the title belongs to me. He does have a few doozies: the comics, the uber dorky video games, the history books that he reads for fun (I have no idea)... But then there is me. I love puns, spent 10 minutes on in order to spell "smorgasbord" correctly (turns out "schmorgas board" is not correct), and best or worst of all, I heart math. Big time. I found this uber dorky poll and decided I'd leave it up to you to determine once and for all, which one of us is a bigger dork? (Please turn your attention to the right of your screen.) Keep in mind, it was I who had the idea of the dorky poll.

A few rules:
-Just because you are my parent does not mean you have to vote for me. Michael's feelings will not be hurt if you vote for him. Not to mention, it's anonymous so no one will know.
-Only vote once. I can just see Justonian feverishly clicking away on my name for every time I told him he would never get married.

If there are less than 5 votes total, we will know that not only are we BOTH dorks, we are also losers. Not a good way to start the weekend so come on, do your civic duty.

And finally, I meant to post this last week, but here is a picture of Evalyn! I love shim! :)

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John and Amber said...

Meredith, John told me to check out your blog... you are so funny! You inspire me to just write more and maybe I should expound on something more than my kids! I am jealous, I want a vacation. Amber


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