Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Summers Are Not For Relaxing

UPDATE: A few wedding pictures have been added...

Past weekend was excellent. It began on Thursday with Cari's bachelorette party. We met at her mom's house, opened gifts, and went to In the Raw for dinner. I had a great time catching up with Aubrey and James (nickname for Jamie), and we managed to have some pretty funny conversations. After dinner we drove around Tulsa trying to find a place that would be a good fit for 12 or so lovely ladies ready to have a good time. Requirements: not Brookside Bar, not trashy, not clubbish, and not boring. As most of you know, that narrowed the options down to approx 3 in the Tulsa area. The first had an incredibly loud band and sketchy folks sitting out front. The second had already stopped serving beer downstairs and their upstairs was covered in a hazy fog of smoke. The third, Continental, suited us just fine. Last time I was there I ended up on stage with the band. Since it was clearly not my party, I decided I would keep myself seated. Good times were had by all (including Cari, I hope). Due to work the next day, I left the party around 12:45a. Yep, I actually hit the "am" hour on a work night. Went to bed immediately and woke up Friday morning to a loud, obnoxious noise. Actually it was my husband, sweetly kissing my cheek and waking me up, but I was in NO mood to hear anything after only 5 hours of sleep. I need 10 hours folks! 12 if you've got 'em!

Friday was a snooze-fest at work. I again learned what it was like to sleep with my eyes open and was thankful when the clock struck 11! I'm having trouble remembering the day but I think we cleaned the house and I took a nap so we would be ready for our house guest: Leslie! She arrived around 6p and we had a great time catching up. I took her to Jenks America's prime spot, the Riverwalk. We had some margaritas and chips while waiting for a table at Los Cabos. I learned all about her new dog Weber and caught up on her family and friends. As I type, they are packing for Memphis, TN and moving there this weekend. The good news: Michael and I enjoy road trips, bbq, and blue suede shoes, so I know we'll visit. :)

Saturday evening was Cari and Ken's wedding. The future Sniders, Michael, and I took 8 boxes of wine to their reception site and set them up. 8 boxes = a lot o' wine. We dressed at Kait's house and drove to the wedding together. The only seats available when we arrived were between 84 screaming babies. Here's the deal. I don't really know why people bring babies to weddings but that is fine as long as you keep them quiet. And if you can't keep them quiet (which I also understand), there is wedding protocol you must follow: remove said baby. Do not keep feeding it cheerios while talking loudly to it. Do not give it diapers to throw in the middle of the aisle. And do NOT start talking to the neighboring babies around you and act like you're at a family picnic. GAH! I heard about every 3rd word from Rev. Michael H. (the pastor), lost feeling in my right hand due to Michael's ridiculously strong grip (he and I feel the same way about this baby stuff), and became very bitter. On a positive note, every 3rd word was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous, the groom was dashing, and it was an incredibly lovely wedding. I was glad to be there, just a bit peeved at the tiny tots.

We made our way to the reception and had a blast. The food was AWESOME. I ate, well ok, a lot. Usually I'm pretty picky so I took mounds of the first few item I saw and then as I walked down the line realized there were many other enjoyable features. Wasn't sure if I'd have the chance to go back through the line so I just added a few extra layers of food on top. Yep, I was THAT girl. The rest of the night was spent dancing and drinking with good friends. Cari and Ken smiled the entire night and you could tell they were so loved by everyone in attendance. It was great!

After the wedding, we went to Grey Snail and had a few beverages. It was quite funny, we were all tired but SO determined to not be party poopers. At about 1a, we all looked at each other and just left. I'm not sure if we even asked if the other was ready, it was THAT obvious. Fun times.

Here are a few pictures. Unfortunately we did not have any taken with the bride (oops)... I know the prof. photographer got plenty of us dancing with her but that's it...

So that was our weekend. This Friday we have a goodbye party for Rami, one of Michael's co-workers. He is leaving Samson and heading to TU law school. The theme is Ram-A-Palooza and I was asked to create a flyer for the event (similar to Mitch-A-Palooza from Old School). Had a good time with that. :)

Saturday I'm driving to NW Arkansas to visit Jennifer and Melissa! Jen had a baby recently and Melissa is well on her way! Sunday is small group, Monday is work, and Tuesday at 6a we fly to the great state of California. More specifically, San Diego. I am so excited.


Emily said...

I love reading your blog... you and kaitlin look so cute in all your pictures together:) We must hang out soon:)

Emily said...

I love reading your blog... you and kaitlin look so cute in all your pictures together:) We must hang out soon:)


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