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10.20.14 | 7 Years

Michael and I collaborate on an anniversary post every year.  This year was no exception, it's just a little (two weeks) late.  We discussed skipping it and that lasted approximately two seconds before we both realized we hated the idea.

We kept it fairly simple and each chose 10 of our favorite pictures.  I refuse to say, "Our 10 favorite pictures" because as soon as I publish this post I will think of a picture that should've been included. 

It's been an amazing seven years of marriage and it just keeps getting better!

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Michael's Top 10

We visited Meredith's friends in St. Louis not long after we started dating.  I believe it was 4th of July weekend and this picture was after a Cardinals game in a beer tent.  Her friends were great and it was a fun weekend.  Details foggy.

There are two pictures I always think of from our wedding.  This is one.  It was so windy outside but it cooperated with this picture.  Every year Tulsa hosts spring fest and this is one of the streets that would close down for food and art booths to set up shop.  Meredith and I both worked downtown so we would get to experience this together.  We enjoyed our time in Tulsa and this picture serves as a great reminder.  

I thought this was taken as we were getting ready to leave.  I don't really know.  We are tired and very happy. 
The luau we went to was a lot of fun.  There were some 21 year olds working the bar and the drinks they made were so strong we ended up letting them water down.  Straight, cheap liquor is a rough combination.  The food was great and we were a little adventurous with what we tried.

Our friends Brian & Erin had been to Maui the year before and they recommended we go to Kimo's at sunset to grab a drink.  I think we ended doing this almost every night.  They have tables on a patio that actually extend out over the ocean.  The restaurant noise is drowned out by the sound of waves, and you get to watch the sun set in Hawaii.  It was a great way to get ready for dinner each night.  Side note:  Meredith liked it so much that if we ever got a dog she wanted to name it Kimo.  I tried to explain that people would hear it was chemo, and that would give off a negative connotation.

Meredith's family has been vacationing in Sanibel Island, FL every summer for most of her life.  This was taken on one of the first trips I made.  I could have stayed until the tide forced me to move.  We have an updated picture floating around where the kids have taken our spots in the chairs.

Meredith was a cute little pregnant girl and I liked the pictures where just her belly snuck out to say hi. 

We took pictures when the kids were just a couple of weeks old, but around their 1st birthday we took family pictures again.  They actually cooperated much better than I was expecting.  They didn't smile much, but they were intrigued by everything that went on that day. 

The first birthday party was fun but it was very hectic.  I remember saying hi to everyone at the door, and then everyone leaving.  This was supposed to be the one time where the four of us were all in the same place focused on one thing.  Instead Sloane constantly tried to take her hat off and Jude was crying from the strap snapping against his chin.  Mission Accomplished.
Fort Smith has a Christmas village set up over the holidays, and weaving through all the lights is a small train.  We were able to ride this a couple of times as a family.  They really enjoyed it once we were moving and pointed out everything they saw.  I also believe it was the first time they spent more than a couple of minutes outside in the cold.  They held up great.

Meredith's Top 10

We'd been dating less than a year and I just remember being so happy when this picture was taken.  Even though he blended into the sofa and I had a death grip on his poor arm. 

We'd gotten engaged the month before and celebrated Christmas together with our parents.  We're both smiling with this cookbook, unaware that seven years later it's yet to be used. 
We'd been married for approximately three minutes when this picture was taken.  I love our huge smiles and how our friends and family are all in this picture with us. 

We honeymooned in Maui and had the most amazing time.  We didn't have iPhones, rarely checked email, and had an absolute blast.  Best vacation ever.
This was my 26th birthday.  We set the camera up on the bookcase to take this picture and then went to dinner at In the Raw.  :)  I loved our date nights in Tulsa.

Our first anniversary trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We'd just visited Thorncrown Chapel and recited our vows to each other (a tradition we've continued every anniversary). 
On the roof of our hotel in NYC, celebrating our third anniversary.  Such a fun trip!

My mom had been taking pictures of us that morning and this one has always been a favorite because it wasn't posed.  We were so excited and terrified of what was to come!

Thanksgiving 2012 - Jude & Sloane were three weeks old!  I remember feeling so very thankful for my little family.

I realize this is kind of cheating (two pictures) but I couldn't decide.  Top was taken several years ago when we were vacationing in Sanibel.  We recreated the picture this summer and it gives me a lump in my throat every time I look at it.  When the top picture was taken, I remember thinking, "I couldn't be any happier."  And then the bottom picture proved me wrong. 

In plenty and in want
In joy and in sorrow
In sickness and in health
For as long as we both shall live.


Meredith said...

love this, so sweet. Happy {belated} Anniversary!!

theColeBin said...

This is so adorable!

Laura said...

what a cute post! So I had to comment... my sister had a great dane named Kimo for the VERY same place in Hawaii!!!! haha

Susie said...

Happy anniversary! Great post!

Sharisse @ sharissespieces said...

What a beautiful collaboration and tradition! Thanks for sharing these amazing memories in your lives. That last photo (well, TWO photos), OH MY GOODNESS! That is so cool/cute/creepy at the same time! That is seriously AMAZING and so sweet how life just proved you wrong about being any happier!


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