Thursday, November 6, 2014

2nd Birthday & Halloween

Ten minutes after Jude & Sloane's 1st birthday party, Michael and I decided they would not have a 2nd birthday party.  We loved everything about that day but wanted this year to be family only.  It was absolutely perfect and a day filled with joy.

Michael and I blew up quite a few balloons for when they woke up... except Sloane decided to sleep in until 8 am.  Once they were both awake, we played with the balloons and sang Happy Birthday!

Next up was donuts (with sprinkles, of course) and another lively rendition of Happy Birthday.  They blew out their candles (Sloane spit on hers) and enjoyed their donuts. 

We drove to the Arboretum and they had a blast.  Pumpkins everywhere! 

They took a nap on the drive home so once we got back we ordered some pizza for lunch.  Then it was time to cut the cake (and sing "Happy Birthday" for a third time) and open presents!  They halfway grasped the idea of opening presents and immediately went for the other's toys.  While they were playing with their gifts, Michael went outside to get the bounce house ready (gift from Mimi and Papa) and then we all went outside to play.  They LOVED it.  I crawled in at one point (totally broke the weight limit) and played with my sweet two-year-olds.

Their MDO had an open house and carnival that evening so we went for a bit and realized they were a little too young to enjoy the games.  When we arrived home, Sloane was pretty upset getting out of her carseat.  I tried putting her down and she wanted to be held, which isn't typical for Sloane.  We sat down and it didn't take long before we realized something was wrong with her arm (most likely her shoulder).  She wouldn't use it and cried if I lightly touched it. 

Off we went to Urgent Care.  We sat in the waiting room and Sloane just whimpered.  I finally asked if she wanted to get down and as she was sliding out of my arms, something must've happened.  In two seconds, she went from being extremely pitiful to the Sloane we're used to: running around, climbing on things, waving, smiling... It was so bizarre.  We let the receptionist know we were going to head out and the nurse came out to look just to make sure all was well.  She guessed Sloane popped her shoulder/elbow out of socket and then popped it back in.  Herself.  Way to go, Sloane.

And so ends their second birthday.  Other than the arm incident, I'd say it was one of my favorite days to date.  I think Jude & Sloane would agree.


The problem with Halloween being the day after your kids' birthday is it's always a last minute scramble.  A few weeks before Halloween I realized we did not have costumes for the kids (or even know what they would be).  We decided on Peter Pan & Tinkerbell and within 10 minutes had their costumes and accessories ordered (thank you, Amazon).  Last year they wore their costumes for three minutes so I was hoping this year would be better.  It absolutely was!  They both really enjoyed their costumes and loved going trick or treating.  Their favorite part was knocking on all of the doors.  We live on a cul-de-sac so just went to the few houses around the circle before we called it a day.  We also met several new neighbors who have young children - woohoo!


Meredith said...

looks like a great time, how cute are they?

Trish said...

All of the pictures are so darling but I LOVE the one with you and Jude. So much love in that picture.

Happy birthday to Jude and Sloane! We didn't have an official party for Elle until she was 3 and I'm glad we went that way. We actually went camping for her 2nd. Sometimes family time is the sweetest time!

The Joiners said...

Such a great idea about not doing a birthday party! I am, of course, so thankful for the memories (and let's be honest, pictures) from Colby & Clara's first birthday party, but it sure was stressful for everyone involved! So we just may try this out (especially since their birthday is on Easter this year, ha)!

Jenn said...

I love that you got in the bounce house with them!I tried that in ours, and my butt was definitely on the floor. great to see you're settling into the new house/neighborhood already.

Sharisse @ sharissespieces said...

What a great recap!!! They are seriously so adorable. I get giddy and excited (and nervous) seeing what is to come for us :)


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