Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jude & Sloane | 2 Years

Jude & Sloane are two! They simply amaze us.  What they know, what they get into, what they say, what they do... We can't keep up.  They bring us so much joy and we can't get enough of them.

So here's a look at what these two are up to!

Our two-year check-up is not for another week so I will add their weights and heights once I receive them.  For now, my guess is Jude is in the high percentiles for both height and weight and Sloane is high for height and average for weight.

Looking at them, everyone would think Jude was the big eater and Sloane was picky.  Everyone would be wrong.  Sloane has a (very) healthy appetite and will eat or at least try anything you put in front of her.  Jude is still so very picky and prefers to avoid all meat and carbs (unless they're doused in syrup, etc.).  We haven't turned this into a battle and are just accepting (for the moment) that we have a picky eater.   They're both great with utensils - Sloane always uses her right hand while Jude likes to switch it up, and both get very frustrated if we try to feed them anything.  They eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and two snacks during the day.

Oh my.  These two have always been tremendous sleepers.  They would go down without a fuss, sleep the recommended 12 hours, and wake up happy.  And then we moved to toddler beds.  Looking back, we both realize we jumped the gun, but watching both of them crawl out of their cribs made us so nervous.  Toddler beds have been a struggle for everyone.  Sloane doesn't grasp the idea that there is still an imaginary wall.  If there is a way to not be in bed, that must mean we should be playing instead.  Jude still loves his sleep, but he wants to sleep in Sloane's bed.  While this makes for THE cutest pictures, it means neither sleep well.  We have noticed improvement, but they still have a very long way to go.  We've taken everything out of the nursery except their cribs and changing table to discourage play.  We've discussed separating them and the only person that would devastate more than Jude is me.  And so, we wait.

After a particularly rough night of sleep, I asked their MDO teachers if they were struggling to sleep there as well.  The teachers looked at me like I was crazy and said they were the two best sleepers in the class.  No problems whatsoever, and 9/10 times I pick them up they are the only two still sleeping in the corner.  So clearly I need to learn a lesson or two from these teachers.

Watching these two play together brings me so much joy.  Now that we have a big yard (hallelujah!) we take them outside and just let them run around.  They absolutely love it and we have a ball watching them.  They love to play chase and it is always Jude running after Sloane.  He tackles her and she laughs... and then cries.  Sloane typically decides what she wants to do and then Jude wants to join in.  Sometimes Sloane is ok with this and other times it is very frustrating for her.  Fortunately, they both grasp the idea of sharing and will give the toy back if prompted by one of us.  They both love television and our move did not help this whatsoever.  Poor kids watched a lot of television while we showed our home (in an attempt to keep it clean), moved out, and then moved in.  We're back to our normal schedule of Daniel Tiger in the morning and Mickey Mouse at night.  And sometimes a Doc McStuffins in the middle of the day after a rough nap.

The biggest change we've noticed over the past few months is how much Jude & Sloane comprehend.  While we aren't having full blown conversations, they understand us and we are really starting to understand them.  It has eased frustrations on both sides so much.  Jude's vocabulary has exploded and while some words are difficult to understand, there are WORDS.  Several weeks ago he and I were having a tea party and as I clinked cups with him I said, "Cheers!" and he said it right back to me.  I know that doesn't seem like much, but it was such a fun moment for me.  I have been waiting for him to (verbally) communicate and he's doing it!  They're both counting (attempting to use their fingers as well), love to write their name (with mom's help), sing, and dance.  Pointing at and saying body parts is always a good time as well.  I believe they're right on track but will find out at their check-up.

Dear Jude,

Bubby.  I am not sure there is a sweeter boy in the world.  It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, you will stop in the middle to blow kisses or give hugs.  You can still be a little shy around strangers, but there are some who you are immediately drawn to and you love them like you've known them forever.  The other day we were waiting for new tires and there was a little girl (probably  7-years-old) sitting several seats down from you.  You smiled and waved.  She smiled.  You said "Hi."  She said "Hi."  Then you got out of your seat, walked shyly up to her, and gave her a quick kiss on her leg.  I was shocked.  You quickly realized this was a very bold move, turned around, and ran for my arms.  But as soon as I held you, you looked back at her and smiled. 

When you are not giving kisses to strangers at Goodyear, you are running, jumping, throwing, kicking, and climbing on everything in site.  You taught poor Keegan and Noelle to throw rocks (I'm so sorry, Erika) and everyone who meets you says you're "All boy."  Speaking of, you look like a little boy.  People are shocked when I tell them you're only two.  And like everything else that involves you getting older, I become an emotional wreck.

You have two volumes.  LOUD and a whisper.  There is no medium.  We are desperately trying to find the medium (though the whisper is fun and we will accept it as well).  You still hear "Soft hands" and "Be gentle" 400 times a day. 

You continue to get stronger and your baby fat is getting replaced by muscle.  You are HEAVY and still don't offer much help when we're holding you (use those leg muscles to help a mama out)!  Your hair is very blonde and you still have the most gorgeous lips.  And your southern drawl... oh my.  You are my Texas boy.

While you adore your dad, you tend to pick me when it's time to sit and cuddle.   It always amazes me how big you are in my lap.  I try so hard to keep up and I feel like you are running so far ahead of me (both literally and figuratively).

We are so proud of you, Jude.  You are an amazing big brother and make us so very happy.



Dear Sloane,
You are equal parts sweet and sass.  When you are happy, the whole world is smiling with you.  You have a prance that is second to none and your smile is so contagious.  Your favorite phrase is "Uh oh, oh NO!" even when there is absolutely nothing wrong.   You love to skip, twirl, and jump.  You also love singing and using hand gestures.  You enjoy being held, but only if the person is walking around.  Sitting still is not for you.

You can throw fits with the best of them, unless a stranger is in the room and then you are sweet as pie.  Here's a Sloaney fit in a nutshell.  Step 1: Remove bow.   Step 2: Throw bow on the ground while looking at mom.  Step 3: Sit down.  Step 4: Cross arms.  Step 5: Roll call.  You name every family member you know (I think this is your version of telling us off) with a furrowed brow.  "Mimi, Papa, Gaga, Papa, Dada, Mama, Su-Sude (Jude)."  I'm sorry Sloane, but it is HILARIOUS.  I oftentimes turn away because I don't want you to see me laughing.  Michael and I decided a long time ago that fits happen but it doesn't mean we have to tolerate them.  If you choose to throw a fit, we typically ignore it, which makes it last half as long.  Right now you don't know the difference between positive and negative attention so we're trying to help.

You love to color and use every crayon in the box.  I feel that's how you live your life right now.  Everything is so big and so bright.  YOU are so big and so bright, sweet girl.

Potty training is imminent as you appear to be so very ready.  I know you'll do great but it's just proof that you're getting older and I want so badly to keep you little.

You love the two men in your life and when they are in the room, I become a shadow.  I don't mind because it means I get to watch you and freeze sweet memories in my head.

Your hair is coming in quickly now and it's medium blonde with a bit of a wave.  Your dad and I can't get over how cute you are in pigtails.  Your arms and legs are so long and thin, yet you still have quite the belly.

Sloane, you have made the last two years an absolute joy for us.   Everyone says it keeps getting better and while I don't doubt them, it's hard for me to believe.  I love you so much, sweet girl.

Love you both, sweet babies.  Love - Mama



Sarah Tucker said...

They are so sweet! Can't believe they are two!

The Joiners said...

Love this, and they really do remind me a lot of Colby & Clara! Happy 2nd birthday, sweet little ones- don't grow up too fast!

Laura said...

I love reading about these two! You have some really great pictures! Time goes by SO fast, and that sweet poem about "babies don't keep" is so true!

Aubrey said...

Two years old already?! Say it ain't so.

As for the pics, those pigtails are criminally cute. Cutest Peter Pan and Tinkerbell ever. And the stripey co-sleepers photo killed me!


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